Insurance Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Insurance Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John encouraged him get his start in the insurance industry and helped him make it through the first year.

He brought a wealth of knowledge to the company on the insurance industry and our role within this industry.

Helping him to stay focused on the important aspects of the insurance industry.

Because of his expertise and reputation throughout the industry, he is well respected by all the major insurance companies.

He came on board with little to no insurance industry experience, but that didn't intimidate him one bit.

And now he's innovating again with the insurance industry's first virtual conference broadcast.

Even though he was new to the insurance industry, he mastered the subject in a short time.

Additionally, he has a very impressive insurance industry background & knowledge.

His commitment to his community and insurance industry is unsurpassed.

Apart from that he is a great resource in the insurance industry.

He also shows great passion for his industry and customers, which is very much admired by himself and his colleagues within the insurance industry.

His keen sense of humor and insight into the industry keeps him in the spotlight as an insurance industry thought leader.

His knowledge of technology and its role within the insurance industry is excellent and well respected by the industry.

He is well respected in his industry and by the insurance companies he represented.

His in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry has allowed him to get answers when no one else was around.

Working in the insurance industry is giving him an outstanding skill set, easily transferred into any other industry.

He knows a great deal about the life insurance industry and how to analyze the competition.

John possesses in depth know how & intriguing opinion of the life insurance industry.

His knowledge of the mortgage and insurance industry is second to none.

John's reputation in the industry also optimizes your costs from an insurance carrier aspect.

He does not only domain expertise of the insurance industry, but also has a wide understanding of worldwide insurance markets.

He is always available to answer questions, he keeps him updated on changes in the industry, and has saved him hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums.

John and his staff epitomize excellence in the ever-changing insurance industry.

John's background and experience in both the banking and insurance industries are very strong.

He writes with enthusiasm and brings interest to what sometimes in the insurance industry can be a rather bland topic.

John's experience in the insurance industry has spanned both fully insured and self-funded business.

His technical knowledge, particularly within the insurance industry is very strong.

He clearly understands the insurance industry and is not the kind of person who would ever sell you something you don't need.