International Student Advisor LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

International Student Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Icing on the cake: he is multilingual with an international profile.
He will be a first choice to take on our next international venture.
He also is very international and excels in the global environment.
John provided an environment that allowed him as an intern to grow.
He's enthusiastic, energetic, and he has 'international genes'.
John is easily one of the best bosses an intern could ask for.
The class is comprised of international students and that helped him to see things from many other points of views.
Third, he left a great roadmap for the student interns who followed in his footsteps.
John proved to be a very adaptable student as he arrived as an international student and quickly settled in.
He works well in collaboration with other students, both local and international.
John is always prepared for class, and he wants the best for the students.
He sees things clearly from internal and external perspective, which makes him a good trusted advisor.
He wants the best out of all of his students and is so passionate about teaching.
John also went above and beyond to help his students achieve their goals.
He took his teaching seriously and was well liked by the students for it.
He knows what he should teach the student and he does with his heart.
John gets along very well not just with colleagues but also with our internal clients.
He always put the needs of the student first, while still striving to meet the goals set for each advisor.
John is not only a student in his class, but impressive enough that he also worked for him as an intern.
John is very dedicated to the success of the international students and scholars with whom he works.