Interviewing Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Interviewing Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He interviewed him to find out his skills and strengths, and then came up with ideas that matched his skill set and interests.
His interviewing skills and his compassion to the individual are extraordinary.
Him interviewing skills are wonderful, and the articles are very well written.
He also helped him with interviewing abilities to better showcase his skills.
John provided great feedback with his resume and interview skills.
He helped him to build his interviewing skills and understand what interviewers are really looking for.
As an ace interviewer, him skills in asking just the right questions to get the best out of the interviewee are noteworthy.
John has excellent follow up skills, and he is very transparent when it comes to what is expected in each interview.
From the first interview he impressed us with his composure, persistence, and his reasoning skills.
John will bend over backwards to make the interview happen and has excellent follow-up skills.
His judgment skills are very good at interviewing and assessing candidates.
His enthusiasm is infectious and only adds to his sharp interview skills.
He knows how to ask the right questions during interviews and his writing and editing skills are impeccable.
During this time he met with individuals to help them with their interview skills and resumes.
His skills as an interviewer made his talk with him comfortable and stress free.
John's interviewing skills with clients and smears are stellar.
John can help improve your resume or interviewing skills, but also much more.
He also improved his resume made him more confident in his interview skills.
John helped him tremendously with his interview skills and guided him in so many ways all while being his cheerleader.
John's expertise took him well beyond just putting together a resume and sharpening up on his interviewing skills.
He will never send you on an interview for a position that doesn't fully match your skills.
He also has a knack for sizing up candidates and their skills in interview situations.
He came up with great insights in term of resume revision and interview skills.
He arranged for an interview with a company that required his skill set.
He is very responsive, has excellent follow skills and interviews very well over the phone and even better when he is on site for final interviews.
His insight on his interviewing skills and his preparation before interviews enabled him to be hired by a global company.
John helped him to prepare for this by advising him on how best to present his skills in an interview.
His strong credentials and interviewing skills convinced him he was right for the job.
He prepared him well for meetings and organized interviews that were relevant to his skill.
He taught them many useful skills, including resume preparation and interviewing techniques.
His skill at crafting resumes and his ability to prepare you for interviews is exceptional.
He coached him with new interview skills and increased his confidence.
John's skills reach farther than just job interviewing he can help get your life back on track.
At his initial session, he was able to help him improve his interview skills.
He knows people and he has a brilliant set of interviewing skills to get the best out of them.
John's interviewing skills place people at ease, allowing him to make the most of each encounter.
Him interviewing and organizational skills made it very easy to close pending requisitions.
He helped him with job search techniques and interview skills, among other things.
His feedback about his interviewing skills was very objective, direct and helpful.
He also does well interviewing our candidates, summarizing their skills and making recommendations for open positions.
As a former interviewer he is very skilled in both asking and giving you solid techniques for answering questions.
John ensures his clients know their skills and present themselves at interviews with confidence.
He brought enthusiasm and skill to interviewing, analysis, synthesis and presentations.