It Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

It Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has been the primary resource manager for him on many projects.

This provides an excellent grounding for any programme or project he manages.

He is not his manager, but he often visited clients and spoke to us about our needs and projects going on.

Not only is he extremely talented at what he does, but he was an equally enjoyable project manager.

It was no accident that several of our longest running clients were the projects that he managed.

Knowing he is managing a project means that it will be done right, on budget, and on time.

John manages expectations so clients can be kept in the loop with project progress.

He knows how to manage a project well, including the best way to handle clients.

He repeatedly manages projects on time, on target, and on budget.

John is focused on success for his clients and for each project he manages.

His ability to manage a wide variety of simultaneous projects, and to bring those projects successfully to fruition, is impressive.

As project manager, he is listening to its resources and their needs.

John did a wonderful job at managing the project and making sure all details of a project were completed.

John did an excellent job managing the project portfolio to make sure everything was on track.

He manages people and projects with wisdom and passion in equal amounts.

Formally trained on project management, he is one of the few people who fully utilizes all the tenets of project management in both letter and spirit.

Because of that, his inputs on a project or client matters are always appreciated and respected by project managers and account managers.

He can move effortlessly between managing clients, employees, and projects.

His biggest take away from the course was that proactive management strategies are vital to project success.

Certainly, he manages with precision; the projects and initiatives that he produced always came off like clockwork.

He managed his projects very effectively while producing fantastic results.

John lead by example, teaching how to not only manage a project, but how to manage people.

John manages every project from beginning to end and is always accessible to the client for any of their needs.

John provided excellent project management and guidance to keep installations on track.

He came in with an open mind, quickly understood the benefits of project management and embraced the improvements it made to his projects.

John's management of this important project and others like it are a credit to their success.

We work like partners in some projects where he was responsible to manage them.

John worked well as both a manager and as a partner on several projects.

Many of his vendors pass him off to the project managers after the bill has been paid.

John is an outstanding project manager who has the capability of retaining minute details of the projects he has worked on over the years.

John managed priorities across a portfolio of programmes and projects.

He can manage different projects at the same time always taking care of the time/cost.

John is one of the rare, truly gifted project managers: he's always one step ahead of the client and other teammates.

He exemplifies a great project manager who just doesn't get things done, but does it all well, on time and on budget.

He's a smart, talented and focused manager who was willing to do whatever it took to make the project successful.

We have managed various projects together and he has been able to deliver to the client's expectations, always.

John really managed well on a project where the client was constantly trying to add on to the scope.

He also excels at project management, delivering what his clients want within the timeframe expected.

Our client absolutely loves him and trusts him to manage projects clearly and without hiccup.

His ability to connect with his client has been just one aspect of capability to manage projects.

John's one of those rare project managers that clients specifically request by name.

He managed all components of the project to ensure that client impact was minimized.

His ability and insight makes project managers more effective and clients happier.

John's ability to manage a client ensured that our projects were successful.

He managed to deliver projects on time and on budget with minimal input.

He also proved himself to be a very effective project manager and coach.

John played the role of project manager for one of our major our company clients.

John is an exemplary project manager and his strong leadership talent allows to manage teamwork extremely effective.

A strong all rounder, he brings vision, passion and fun zeitgeist ideas to every project, but then is strong in project management and just getting things done.

His understanding of project management allowed for a clear understanding of our roles within the project and ensure those roles had proper ownership.