It Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

It Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His presentation skills keep the audience interested and informed.
For him, the best part was the presentation was informal yet informative.
John's eloquence, passion and skill inform and enlighten audiences.
He grasps information quickly and has great organizational skills.
His skills of a presenter/trainer are calm, informative, and fun.
His skills in technology will drive any organization's growth.
He is an extremely skilled presenter with tons of helpful information.
John is skillful in learning and implementing new technologies.
If anyone wants additional information on his skills, please feel free to contact him.
John picks up new skills and information very quickly and masters them.
He shared a wealth of information to strengthen his leadership skills.
His business skills are matched by his impressive technical skills in the information technology arena.
His communication skills help to keep everyone informed and make appropriate decisions.
Yousuf achieved exceptional skills in various technological platforms through his hard work and dedication.
He built several successful companies across the globe, his technological skills are unsurpassed.
He always kept his skills up-to-date with the latest technologies, including telecommunications.
John knows that searching for technology candidates is more than a skill set match.
His organizational skills were such that he was never at a loss when information was needed, and his leadership skills were much appreciated.
He always improves his knowledges and skills in different technologies.
John keeps current with new technology that supports his skills.
In addition, he is exceptionally skilled in using virtual technology for teaching.
One of his unique areas of skills is in extracting more information through collaborative discussions.
Without his skills, many ill children would have slipped through cracks in the information highway.
His uptake of new information and skills required to complete his tasks is also extraordinary.
His team building skills are second to none and this complements his technology skills and strategies.
His combination of technology and finance skills are terrific.
He knows how to utilize present day information technology skills in all his entrepreneurial activities.
His communication skills are second to none and he always tries to keep everyone well informed on what is happening and why it is happening.
John always gives great information that you can start using immediately to improve your skills.
His knowledge and more importantly skill in putting the information across is second to none.
He is very skilled in communications and information gathering style.
His accounting background and in depth information technology skills is hard to find.
He has great skills of exploring new technology and very confident, even on any new task which he never had experienced.
He combines a great attitude with excellent technology skills.
He also gets excited about technologies and is happy to teach people new skills.
His leadership skills and the aspiration to use new technology was very helpful for him and his work.
In addition to his leadership skills he has an in depth knowledge of technology.
He swiftly integrated new technologies into his core skill set.
In addition, he has strong skills in information architecture and establishing logical hierarchical levels of information.
John has great leadership skills, he has great technological skills and overall his experience, knowledge, would back it up.
Presentation skills aside (which are fantastic), the information he presented was relevant, useful, and refreshing.
In this day and age of information hyperload, his skills are not only helpful, they are crucial.
What's more important is the fact that he's also a skilled thinker and distiller of information.
Him own presentation skills - both formal and informal - are at the highest level.
In addition, he is a skilled presenter in both stand-up and informal settings.
He makes technical information interesting and marketing information informative.
John's music journalism is refreshing and is very informative, information that you would not come across in usual stories.
John has amazing skills in internet information technologies, and he has assisted him numerous times in his new technology area.
Based on him overall view and skills in information technology he is an excellent support for collaborative problem solving.
His technology skills always stay current with new technology, and is sought after as an expert on technical issues.
His leadership, humility, passion for technology and his organizational skills are second to none.
Vandhana's excellent grasp of technology is only matched by his people and diplomatic skills.
He not only understands information technology, but he genuinely wants to help his customers.
This is a very useful and helpful skill for someone in his position who needs information quickly to solve problems.
John's article was extremely comprehensive, informative and quoted him with amazing accuracy and skill.
He came across as a well spoken and informed individual in terms of the skill set he was looking for.
His skill in memory was remarkable and helped him tremendously to remember very complex information.
John is skilled at making sense of complex information and distilling it down to the core issues.
If you're looking for a specific skill set, feel free contact him for more information.
John has great skills and a wonderful ability to share information effectively.