Junior Recruiter LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Junior Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John to be recruited by him and definitely someone you can trust.

His forty has been pre recruitment & post recruitment activities.

John also knows that the job of recruiting is never finished.

Very friendly and cooperative, especially towards his juniors.

His attention to your needs and dedication to recruiting is outstanding.

Other recruiters told him that this transition would be impossible.

He recently took over interviewing new recruits at our company.

He knows how to extract the best efforts of his junior / colleagues.

When he first started with us, he had no recruiting experience.

He does very well with clients and he is quite passionate about recruiting.

John's way is to be first your friend and then your career recruiter.

Without doubt, his recruitment was one of the best decisions we made.

John taught him more about recruiting than anyone else in his career.

John is one of the brightest lights in the recruiting blogosphere.

John is his first choice when looking for a recruitment partner.

His dedication to his job is an example to be set for the juniors.

He always demonstrates fairness and equality with his juniors.

When needed, he rolled up his sleeves and recruited for his requirements.

His dedication, discipline and perseverance in recruiting are unmatched.

John recruited him from the east coast and placed his trust in him ever since.

He can recruit and more importantly close candidates on the opportunities.

He sets the standards by which other recruiting firms should follow.

John taught him all the necessary recruiting tools and hacks.

John is a trusted contact for him within the recruiting world.

John always did an excellent job recruiting for our organization.

All recruiters would do well to make his acquaintance and learn from him.

He is determined to learn and be the best recruiter possible.