Key Account Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Key Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

To his colleagues, he was always available to help them out with his broad experience as key account manager.

Him support and management of several key accounts are key contributions to our success.

He is the key account manager for several of our key corporate and government clients.

Additionally, he has been a key partner in my closing and growing key accounts.

John is a very proactive key account manager and is tenacious at delivering results.

He exhibited his leadership in managing the distribution, key accounts for growth.

John has shown integrity and expertise as an account manager of a key supplier.

John has an extensive knowledge and help me many times, managing key accounts.

He also did an outstanding job as my key account manager for the overall relationship.

One of his key abilities is to set and manage expectations with key stakeholders.

His know how makes him a partner to the companies he is serving as a key account manager.

John was responsible for growing and retaining some of our most difficult key accounts.

He was diligent in following up key accounts that have a greater chance of conversion.

His management of key accounts delivered great success for the organization year after year.

He managed the most key accounts and did an excellent job in retaining clients.

He always manages to become a key utility player with any account he lands within.

He was instrumental in getting certain key accounts for the organization which otherwise would have been impossible.

In addition, he has the ability to win the confidence of clients and manage key accounts.

Likely, what most amazed me while working with him was he was always on top of everything while managing key accounts and targets himself.

John is excellent in managing key accounts and gathering relevant information.

Relationship management is key when growing an organization, and that is one of his many strengths.

John's approach to management is low key and modest, but he is always well prepared.

John is a full rounded manager with a solid and complete experience in managing key accounts.

John was one of the key players in not only acquiring the account but also in the transition and start-up.

He has forged very strong ties with him key accounts and always willing to go the extra mile.

He brings on key players and makes sure the transitions to growing those accounts is smooth.

When asked to assume some key account responsibilities, he did so with great vigor.

Against all odds, he would close a deal, and see to it that the key account stays.

He has been instrumental in opening up some large key accounts for the company.

John would be a great addition to any company looking to penetrate key accounts.

He has been successfully catering to some highly respected and key accounts.

His key challenge day one was to turn round the management of a key account that was failing, he took the challenge and succeeded where others had failed.

These key management tools help us to turn the relationship around during his time on the account.

His ability to lead and his ability to manage our membership accounts is key.

He was a key contributor displacing competitor devices from many accounts as well as drive depth into our largest accounts.

John's management was key throughout growth periods and he always had one eye on the future.

John is friendly and very approachable, which is key for a project/program manager.

One of the key reasons is his no-nonsense, straightforward approach to managing.

John was the key interface in resolving those issues within the management ranks.

I have worked with him on several key accounts that he managed as a colleague and later as a partner.

John also has the ability to hone directly in on the key value props that drive account closure.

He is very good at understanding client's need, to the point, and superior in terms of key account management.

John endeared himself to some of our key clients and held on to major accounts that he managed with autonomy.

John has been a good at managing key accounts with a clear understanding of the clients needs.

He has the ability to handle large accounts and build strong rapport with key stakeholders in these accounts.

I recommend him on his skills as key account manager as well as manager in general.

He understands his accounts well and makes sure that he maintains a good rapport with the key decision makers in his account.

His current role of managing the key accounts in our division has demonstrated why he is so good at his job.

He did a good job managing some key accounts for our company during his employment here.

He has taught the ropes of the business all the while trusting me with managing key accounts.

John managed several key accounts and had business responsibility to reach targets.

John has an excellent relationship management qualities that make him good at key account management.

He can prioritize the key issues/tasks very well, manages them objectively and effectively.

He is accountable and trusted collaborator, which is key to gain the trust of our partners.

He has been a key player in the meteoric growth of both the accounts he directly managed and our department as a whole.

John is a strategy based manager who emphasizes planning as a key factor in account management.

He possesses great stakeholder management skills which were key in this account.

John was key to my success during this time and key to the company's success.

He is particularly strong in taking over a new account and very quickly to identify key people/initiatives and new opportunities.

He burrows into accounts, uncovering their problems and identifying all the key players seamlessly.