Knowledge Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Knowledge Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has great knowledge of his industry and shared his wealth of knowledge getting us all up and running in knowing time.

His knowledge of our industry is second to none and he is always quite willing to share his expertise to help us all get better.

John is not just very well spoken, he also happens to have the core knowledge that only comes from many years in the industry.

His sense of urgency to our needs have been second to none and his knowledge of the industry has been invaluable.

John always made himself available to share his vast knowledge of the industry and to help get others up to speed.

He has a wealth of knowledge across various industries that was very useful and he is always willing to share.

His knowledge of the industry is second-to-none and his commitment has made the company what it is today.

He did this in an industry he had no prior knowledge of which made his achievements even more admirable.

It has been his passion and extensive knowledge of our industry, that has taken us where we are today.

He's been there, done that, has tons of industry knowledge, yet is very entrepreneurial and nimble.

John's knowledge about the industry is immeasurable, and that will be very clear immediately.

John not only makes a great first impression, he follows it up with knowledge in his industry.

He has so much industry knowledge and really has no limits to what he gives to the students.

John's knowledge is extensive and he is always aware of changes that occur in the industry.

John always impresses him with his knowledge of our complex and often contradictory industry.

He makes himself available for enquiry and ensures he is up to date with industry knowledge.

His knowledge of the industry also impressed us and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending him.

John has an extensive knowledge in various industries, especially the ones he deals with.

His knowledge of the industry is great and very useful to anyone looking to buy or re-fi.

He has extensive knowledge of the recruitment/consulting industry and is well connected.

He has immense knowledge of the industry, which makes him so perfect at anything he does.

His enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge of various industries is very impressive.

He's always in depth knowledge of the industry trends and knows about the competitors.

John has great knowledge of the industry, he served and what it would take to succeed.

Each month he surprised him with the growth in his knowledge regarding our industry.

His industry knowledge is very strong & clearly sets him apart from the competition.

He has particularly strong industry knowledge in the various ventures he pursues.

His commitment is unquestionable, as is his first-rate knowledge of the industry.

John's knowledge of wine, as well as the wine industry itself, is encyclopedic.

John often shared with others, his in-depth knowledge of the mining industry.

His knowledge is on point and he's as a serious understanding of him industry.

His knowledge of the industry and its contemporary challenges are unparalleled.

John also has tons of industry knowledge and seems to be connected everywhere.

His thirst for knowledge allows him to remain at the forefront of his industry.

Enthusiasm, industry knowledge and follow through were by far his best assets.

His industry knowledge and sophistication are always on target and insightful.

He also has a wealth of industry knowledge that he keeps up with religiously.

His background knowledge and connections within the industry are invaluable.

The speed at which he ramps up his knowledge of an industry is incredible.

He has excellent industry knowledge and is willing to share it with others.

His industry knowledge is amazing as well as him clientele and candidates.

His passion for the industry is infectious and his knowledge is extensive.

This knowledge enables him to sell better than him industry counterparts.

Him knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm for the industry is outstanding.

You can always rely on him for prompt turnarounds and industry knowledge.

He can be relied on for all aspects of industry knowledge and know how.

John's stories are entertaining and his industry knowledge is brilliant.

John's industry knowledge are legendary as is persistence and tenacity.

He has such great ideas and industry knowledge that is incomparable.

John possesses an excellent overall knowledge of the airline industry.

His dedication and wealth of industry knowledge did not go unnoticed.

John has wide knowledge of all aspects of the entertainment industry.

John is his first point of contact for industry knowledge and advice.

His knowledge and passion for our industry sets him above the norm.

John's knowledge of the background screening industry is extensive.

His expertise, knowledge and vision set him apart in our industry.

John is an inspiring and extremely knowledgeable industry veteran.

John is always approachable and has a wealth of industry knowledge.

John has incredible leadership, enthusiasm and industry knowledge.

His deep industry knowledge and contacts help him be effective.