Language Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Language Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His multi language skill makes him bridging people and cultures of the world.

He found it easy to get along with everyone, and language never seemed to be a problem.

John discussed language and how we can cause our own barriers without realising.

He makes himself available, has tremendous patience, and will use plain language.

Varied know how of different culture and languages are another feather in his cap.

Even more impressive he does this across multiple countries and languages.

John also has an advantage with the ability to use multiple languages.

He got him to be clearer on his messaging and more precise in his language.

Thankfully for him it was broken down in easy to understand language.

Not to mention he's truly an encyclopedia of culture and languages.

He uses language that everyone can understand and puts you at ease.

John's mastery of the language and his creativity are wonderful.

Something often discounted is his fluency in multiple languages.

John is fluent in lots of languages and he can switch from a language to another with ease.

He has excellent skills in language (both written and oral) and he is very detailed.

In addition, his language skills are phenomenal- he is a great "find" for any organization.

Personally, he has a strong will, good organisation skills and high passion for languages.

Very impressive were his language skills and ability to seed new topics at the client.

John's skills were equally applicable across geographic, cultural and language boundaries.

Not only wise, he has an excellent grasp of communication skills and the use of language.

John's skillful use of language surpasses written and spoken communication.