Lead Generator LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Lead Generator Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His results are astonishing in terms of audience and lead generation.
As a result the ad is approved and is now generating him leads.
His expertise has already helped him generate new leads in his job hunt.
His team would analyze and follow up with the leads that we generated.
He also knows when to drive and when to let others take the lead.
In just seven weeks we have identified the best way forward for him and are already seeing great results in lead generation and conversions.
John's book is a quick and effective way to start generating leads.
Not only can he lead, but he can sell better than the best of them.
Knowledgeable and just, he leads with determination and passion.
He takes the lead and follows things through their completion.
His generous networking style has lead to several new connections.
The volume of leads he generates for our team boggles the mind.
Always self motivated & leads by example on in everything he does.
Given any task, it is quite certain that he will lead it to success.
John helped transform a lead generation division at his previous firm.
His leaderships are beyond reproach and anyone would do well to follow his lead.
John leads by example, is diligent and thorough, and is an exceptional listener.
His leadership was exemplified by the respect given him by those that he leads.
John has since been promoted to lead, which he most certainly deserved.
He keeps his calm under pressure, which differentiates him from other leads.
He leads through example, through his passion, dedication and commitment.
His hard work and determination will definitely lead him to new heights.
He always leads by example, never asserting himself for the sake of it.
John lead by example and allow him effort and results do the talking.
John leads by example and would keep smiling despite sever pressure.
His commitment to excellence in everything he does leads to success.
He leads by example, is courageous and inclusive in his approach.
He provides the calm and confidence to the company he is leading.
John lead us through each one with courage, clarity and charisma.
John can flat-out sell, and he knows how to lead salespeople.
He leads by setting the exemplary example for others to follow.
When the pressure is on, he thrives, leading with enthusiasm.
He knows his strengths and limitations and leads accordingly.
John is a talented and he has his highest recommendation as a lead generator.
John always displayed a positive attitude and was always approachable with regards to ideas for lead generation.
Marketing and lead generation aside, he's a good guy that really wants to see his clients prosper.
He's a very effective lead generator and we continue to enjoy the fruits of our partnership.
We started with lead generation and he suggested strategies for him to implement.
His efforts generated leads that turned into bottom line success.
As such his work as the lead on demand generation campaigns was superlative.
This relationship exemplifies his generous character, and his fine ability to lead.
John makes lead generation fun and makes staying on top of the game look easy.
Even if it comes to very complex cases, he is there to take the lead.
John consistently exceeds expectations - in particular when it comes to awareness, branding and lead generation.
He always did what he said he was going to do, and he leads by example, especially when tough decisions had to be made.
Innovation is not possible without the early adopters like him that lead the way for others to follow.
He drives for what is right, he leads by example, he pushes all around him to do the right thing.
He's constantly driving to get the best out of those around him and leads by example.
Highly motivational, leads by example and is an inspiration in all that he tackles.
His ability to lead and motivate others will take him as far as he wants to go.
He leads by example and is passionate about the success of the organization.
He always tries to lead his deliverables and finish them well before time.
John always leads by example and empowers him employees to be successful.
He challenges you to become better by motivating, leading, and inspiring.
John's strongest motivator is his appreciation of those he is leading.
He leads to conviction and by example to motivate everyone around him.
Importantly, he has a good attitude, which will always lead to success.
He follows through and leads with authority in difficult situations.
He leads by example, and motivation of his subordinates is optimal.
He's the ultimate motivator, mainly because he leads by example.
Through his efforts, we have been able to experience continuous and significant lead generation.
His activity has increased our new lead generation more than any other methods used before.
This dynamo in lead generation sets your expectation, then over delivers on his promises.
His combination of leadership and understanding of lead generation stands above the rest.
He generates an air of confidence and inspiration and he really does lead from the front.
John has proven again and again to be a great asset to any lead generation company.
John is recognized as one of the nations think tanks in sourcing and lead generation.
His approach has lead to his respect and generates great enthusiasm in the workplace.
His methodical, consistent lead generation approach is sophisticate and effective.
John is a very create an individual who is definitely an expert on lead generations.
Specifically, he has a knack for generating ideas that lead to tangible results.
He leads from the front, thereby generating quite a lot of traction and movement.
He also oversaw our lead-generation activities, optimising them as necessary.
John also guided the audience through three vital lead generation sources.
Within few months he was able to generate a huge set of effective leads.
He he a great professional who can truly help you with lead generation.
His contributions were a key factor in increasing lead generation.
Starting in lead generation, he rose to be one of the premiere salespeople for our company in the west.
They even introduced him to a few plugins that help him generate lots of leads for our company.
Driving the our company story to achieve maximum exposure and lead generation.
He really does lead by example never asking anyone to do something he's not prepared to do himself.
More so than just leading it to the finish he did so many little things that made it extraordinary.
He leads by example, because he is always well-prepared and knows the issues.
Stories, contacts and leads have been generated directly from him having trained us on our company.
He leads the initiative with precision and revenue generating success.
John "gets it" when it comes to creative ways to generate leads.
He knows how to lead, get the best out of people, and be a great human being in general.
His lead nurturing campaigns kept the company top-of-mind with the thousands of leads he generated in the first year alone.
John and the team generated a few of solid leads during his transition.
He knows how to lead people and better them to fully maximize their potential - this he is leading by example.
He belongs to a breed of people who are born to lead and lead with the example
John would often think outside the box when it came to generating new leads, and winning new business.
John always kept him extremely busy, because he generated so many leads from his trips.
John is the best class for lead generation and taking businesses to the next level.
John came into his business a few years ago to help him with lead generation.
He leads by example and supports his partners and colleagues generously.
John pulls out all the stops to get lead generation campaigns out of the door and knows how to get results.
You could always count on him to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and most of all generate qualified leads.
John's generous contribution has led to the overall success and longevity of the awareness campaign.
He always generated great ideas during our conversations and meetings and always lead by example.
The connect prospect campaign has been generating leads for our company and has been inundated
He generated great leads and was very knowledgeable about what companies were looking for.
John is extremely knowledgeable and helpful on many topics, especially lead generation.
This also puts him at the top of the list of the people he has generated leads for.
John's reliable, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable about lead generation.
He's an expert in lead generation tactics and an excellent copywriter to boot.
So much so that we generated a tonne of seriously good leads from his work.
John's has exceptional abilities in lead generation and public relations.
His knowledge and expertise in the lead generation space is superb.
Which also helped him in marketing to successfully generate leads.
As is his prior work in lead generation, conversion and more.
John leads by example and will never ask more of his people than he would of himself.
John's first campaign was creative and interesting and did indeed generate useful leads for our company.
John came up with our new 'story' and launched our first electronic lead generation campaign.
He did this through effective lead generation and relationship building.
As a leading member of our lead generation team he can be counted on for persistence, thoroughness, and clarity.
His ability to tap his extensive network to generate leads, and then his tenacity in pursuing those leads has been impressive.
We have consistently generated leads by using him process and have converted an impressive number of those leads into customers.
He's an excellent proxy for the test lead when the lead is not available.
John's attention to detail was thorough, and his involvement with his portfolio went beyond lead generation.
He gave us guidelines on how much traffic and leads we could generate once he had optimised our websites.
He's generous and leads to a sense of humanity which makes the teamwork truly dreamwork
John drove significant uptake in lead generation with a relatively small budget
John shared with us the actual strategies he uses himself, and the secrets to using our company for lead generation.
John did help his colleagues, especially with facts relating to lead generation and costs.
He leads by example as well as inspiring and generating the best work from any team.
He leads by example and his focus on getting things done is inspiring.
A great presentation on using our company to help generate leads for your business.
Passionate about excellence, his database and lead generation expertise is unrivaled.
He grew a lot of our lead generation efforts to new levels and opened up new lead channels to help us grow even faster.
He is demanding, but fair, on himself and others, and this leads to deep loyalty from those around him who trust that he will lead them to the right place.
He helped him direct several adverting ventures and lead generation campaigns.
With his support we generated several leads and closed profitable opportunities.
He leads in all environments and is good at generating support for an idea.
John recently worked with us on a lead generation campaign using our company.
He makes the sometimes complicated art of online lead generation painless.
John did a great job leading our demand creation team doing lead generation and qualification.
His ability to lead others is generated by their respect and admiration of his constitution to get it right, and his character to know what's right.
John, who lead the search, generated only candidates who very closely matched the brief, and from these, all vacancies have now been filled.
He is always willing to help out in any way that he could and delivered outstanding results for lead generation and our social presences.
Within his first fortnight he had generated more leads than we had internally through traditional methods in at least six months.
Anyone looking for expertise in the lead generation, email or affiliate space would do well to seek his advice.
John quickly and aggressively grasped him role, having an immediate impact on our lead generation efforts.
Whatever the task may be, he finds a way to generate buzz & encourages other to participate and even lead.
He leads his company with an unshakable commitment to his vision, yet is approachable, fair and generous.
John took territory that had been dead and generated fully qualified leads that lasted for many years.
He displayed a clear, can-do attitude' and took leadership for lead generation in the territory.
He knows all tricks and tips for effective lead generation with a higher percentage of conversion.
Then add broad experience in his many domains of expertise such as lead and demand generation.
This helped him with lead generation and ultimately closing deals on numerous occasions.