Leadership LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Leadership Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Transformational leadership is the best to describe his leadership style.
John keep doing what you are doing as your leadership is fantastic.
I have come to know and appreciate his friendship and leadership.
I also can't say enough about his leadership and selflessness.
The thing that always stood out to me most was his leadership.
John pushed all of us to do our best, and we flourished under his leadership.
John really knows how to take initiative and leadership to get things done.
John was recognized both inside and outside the firm for his leadership.
John provides strong leadership wherever he goes and in whatever he does.
His lessons and leadership by example, have shaped my own leadership style.
I can think of no better example of just how affecting his leadership is.
I could not have been any luckier to have fallen under his leadership.
Whatever he is involved in, is better for his enthusiasm and leadership.
The transformation was unbelievable and entirely down to his leadership.
There could be no better example of his exemplary leadership than this.
John gets this, and gets the impact of leadership and the environment.
I truly miss him and will be honored to be under his leadership again.
Best of all, he believes in you and encourages you in your leadership.
Indeed, he is admired within the company as an example of leadership.
He has been acknowledged as an example of what leadership should be.
If you're looking for, the expert on leadership you've just found him.
He has the ability and leadership to make everyone around him better.
I am grateful for his help and leadership during this last creation.
John's leadership is what has kept me in this position for so long.
You want to succeed, you want to be the best, based on his leadership.
I look forward to see him taking up more leadership roles in the future.
He has always provided the leadership needed to make things happen.
I think he has one of the best understandings of what leadership means.
John's leadership and vision have been nothing but inspirational.
I loved the way he took us through different aspects of leadership.
Anyone would be privileged to have him on your side as leadership.
We look forward to many more years of his presence and leadership.
John has also provided visibility of our successes to leadership.
Working with him, you certainly feel you're under good leadership.
Needless to say about his capabilities for teamwork and leadership.
He provided just the right type of leadership as we collaborated.
John is someone who you can count on for his leadership and vision.
His uncanny leadership doesn't end with those outside the company.
John is by far in a class of his own when it comes to leadership.
We have always delivered above expectations under his leadership.
His leadership brought out the best in me when no one else could.
He brings everyone around him up with his passion and leadership.
I would say he has given altogether a new name to the leadership.
I look up to him and would recommend him for any leadership role.
John was also highly regarded by those underneath his leadership.
John would have no problem being placed in any leadership role.
His leadership is truly the reason behind many of our successes.
If for nothing, then for his sincerity, ingenuity and leadership.
I can testify that it was his leadership that made it possible.
His leadership is magnetic and causes those around him to grow.
But actually his most impressive attribute was his leadership.
I've found his leadership to be compassionate and with wisdom.
He is not only efficient, but also effective in his leadership.
He exemplifies the very best of all that leadership should be.
His leadership would have an immediate impact on its growth.
Can't thank him enough for the advice & leadership he shared.
There is much leadership in his character and is self driven.
With his leadership you're sure to be on the road to success.
Discipline and balance are what characterizes his leadership.
I believe this is because he epitomizes authentic leadership.