Learning Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Learning Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John continues to spend time learning new skills and refining his existing skills.

John is highly skilled in adult learning techniques, which allow for learning even the most complex concepts.

He learns concepts very quickly and has a desire to learn any skills necessary to be the best he can be.

His zeal to learn new things and convert the learning into problem solving skill is commendable.

John's greatest skill is probably his ability and desire to learn- much of his success has been the result of self taught skills.

His skills are deep and broad and yet he has a great penchant for learning and acquiring new skills.

He's willing to learn from others as well as teach others what he's learned.

I learned many new presentation skills from him and will use them in my future.

It feels like he is trying to learn as much from me as possible, but in reality it's me that is learning.

John is open and willing to learn, because you are sure to learn more than you ever expected.

John is always learning, trying new things, and passing him learning on to others.

He goes the extra mile, not only to be sure that the skills are learned, but follows up to make sure they are being applied.

This way he makes sure that the attendees actually learn the new skills and remember them well after the course is finished.

John takes pride in everything that he does and is always willing to take on new opportunities and learn new skills.

I've learned so much from him and think he provides invaluable skills for anyone in today's marketplace.

He always has an urge to learn and know new skills which would help him in his upcoming endeavors.

What has always impressed me most about him, is his excitement to learn new skills and techniques.

He is very adaptable and is willing to learn new skills in things that he may be unfamiliar with.

John has this deep passion to learn new things and is never afraid to try out these new skills.

He loves learning new, challenging skills and is always looking to help out whenever he can.

He is always willing to learn new skills and trying different approaches to problem solving.

He routinely went outside his domain to take on new responsibilities and learn new skills.

John skills we does not have, he quickly learns because he is not afraid to ask for help.

As well as this he's always willing to learn and picks up new skills extremely quickly.

He really learned my skills, my wants, and my needs when recommending positions for me.

He is quick to learn new skills and is always ready and willing to take on challenges.

By his willing to learn from me, he indirectly fueled my confidence in my own skills.

He is having very good command of his skills and always trying to learn new things.

John's ability to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities is amazing.

I learned so much from his leadership skills and have been inspired to be like him.

Magi bring many skills and great learning with him as he comes into any position.

He has great skills of learning new things and this will take him to great heights.

John is extremely dedicated and passionate, he's always learning and up-Skilling.

He was never afraid to do something new and he was active in learning new skills.

John challenges others and himself to keep skill set sharp; always be learning.

Whether he is learning something new or refining a skill he makes it look easy.

He takes his craft seriously and is always learning new techniques and skills.

John's interest in learning new things and furthering his skills is exemplary.

He was always very adept at picking up new skills and learning new theories.

He was quick to learn new skills, thoroughness, and importantly, very intuitive.

He is very keen in learning new skills and he adapts to changes very quickly.

I have been fortunate enough to learn from the skill sets that he possesses.

He came in to learn and hone his skill sets and while he was there he quickly learned two fairly different lighting pipelines.

John is passionate about learning and is always looking at upgrading his skills and learning new technology.

Overall, he possesses good communication skills and is willing to learn new skills always.

I look forward to learning from him in many areas, especially, leadership skill, along with his new journey.

Always on the lookout to see how he can add value to the organization and willing to learn new skills.

John has taken the time to learn several different skills, plus he is adaptable to his surroundings.

He goes above and beyond to ensure his employees are learning the necessary skills to succeed.

His skills are surpassed only by his will to continue forward and always learn and grow.

He is willing to learn the skills necessary to complete any new task that comes his way.

He's always eager to learn new skills and make himself more valuable as an employee.

He has the skill of knowing how to learn, and is often the one raising the bar.

He continually provided learning opportunities to enhance and further skills.

John is also someone who was willing to learn and always wanting to improve his skills.

He is always focused on self improvement, willing to take more on and learn new skills.

The other thing that we always used to learn from him was his communication skills.

He was always eager to learn new tools & skills and was quick to learn & perfect them.

John has consistently reinvented himself, learning new areas and skills to better his overall knowledge and skill set.

He is up to any challenge presented and doesn't back down from an opportunity to learn new skills.