Listening Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Listening Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's verbal and interpersonal skills (including his listening skills) were simply outstanding.
He has great follow up skills and has excellent listening skills for the higher purpose.
You see this by his listening skills and his interest in everything you have to say.
I also know one of his best skills, is the ability to listen, and not be dismissive.
He possesses the skills to listen and could see beyond what was being spoken.
Thoughtful and attentive, him listening skills is among his many strengths.
John's communication skills are concise and his listening skills are exceptional.
He is very mature when it comes to listening skills and has been the best in innovation.
John has the rare skill of listening which makes him, particularly effective when it comes to delivering.
He is one of the best listeners and this is another skill that he has not just well-honed, but mastered.
He also possesses the skill to listen so that he allows others to participate and contribute.
I particularly appreciated his listening skills, and how he allowed me to go at my own pace.
His stories are very interesting and he has very strong listening and following up skills.
His formidable listening skills enable him to make the most out of every situation.
I also discovered that he has great listening skills and he is quite persuasive.
He is always transparent and his optimism and listening skills are second to none.
His intuitive skills of listening and understanding your needs are exceptional.
John is very conversational in his approach and an incredibly skilled listener.
His listening skills are exceptional and very appreciated by this participant.
Far and away his most admirable skill was his ability to listen to our needs.
John shows great leadership skills and these skills are portrayed in his deep listening and guidance.
You can see it in his attitude, his listening skills, his follow through and his enthusiasm.
His listening skills are world class which allows him to get it right the first time.
An extremely skilled listener, he hears everything, even what you're not saying.
I am impressed with his skills, cool temperament and most importantly, he has very good listening and problem solving skills.
But he is most differentiated from his peers by the intensity of his listening skills.
John is someone with whom it is easy to exchange, with good listening skills.
His listening skills seminar will take your team beyond understanding the need for listening and help them understand how to listen.
He has great listening skills and really listens to what the member needs and tries to meet them.
John's profound listening skills, often listening beyond the spoken word, help him to help others in profound ways.
His listening and comprehension skills are above most and is often relied on for advice and expertise.
John listened to me when he had no idea of my background or skills, and he embraced my enthusiasm.
In addition, he actually listened to me and found assignments that targeted my skills exactly.
He comes across as very approachable, having great listening skills and always ready to help.
John has a skill for listening and understanding exactly what an organization is looking for.
John has excellent listening skills, and is able to zero in on the problem very quickly.
He is flexible, has great listening skills and very tactful with his suggestions/feedback.
John has the skill to listen carefully, explain clearly and make you feel comfortable.
John always provides honest and valuable feedback and has outstanding listening skills.
His perspectives are clear and appropriate and him listening skills incredibly astute.
He is skilled, polished and most importantly listens to every discussion without bias.
He has great listening skills, him assess the situation and makes recommendations.
He has the ability to make you feel understood and has wonderful listening skills.
I was very impressed with his ability at putting you at ease and listening skills.
He's listening, reflecting skills along with his acute insight were always welcome.
Him techniques along with his strong listening skills set him apart from the rest.
He has very strong interpersonal skills and ability to listen to his counterparts.
We appreciate all him rigor, his curiosity and his listening skills of students.
He is an incredible speaker and has impeccable listening skills, which is rare.
He is an excellent listener and his oral and written skills are above average.
His listening skills are impeccable and his follow-through is admired by many.
He is credible, has excellent follow through, and has good listening skills.
Smarter than most around him, he has strong listening skills, always on the alert for what others were saying or proposing.
He would never let things get him down and would always make himself available to those who needed someone to listen.
He is always listening to the things that others have to say and seems to be taking everything into consideration.
He listened - really listened - and then provided us with his expertise and more than that - him wisdom.
Always there to listen, help and willing to go out of his way and above and beyond wherever possible.
John knows exactly how to ask the right questions and know when he will just be listening.
He truly listens to your needs, even if you don't know what those are, and goes from there.
He is always willing to listen and help others and makes himself available to everyone.