Long Range Planning LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Long Range Planning Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is punctual, polite, plans well and delivers on his plan.

John did a great job in helping us by putting our plan in, that plan is still the same plan we are using today.

His endless long range planning and motivation was second to none.

He plans thoroughly, follows up and follows through on his commitments and deliverables.

John is the best example of planned and organised leadership.

His expertise in plan making and specifically catchment planning is next to none.

When things are not going as planned, he knows how to encourage people.

Beyond that, he intuitively gets the value of short-, mid- and long-term planning.

He plans things to be done in the best possible way and ensure all deadlines are met.

John plans things collaboratively and then doubles down and gets them done.

He has the results to justify everything he plans, does and recommends.

John's contribution to the initiative and planning has been significant.

His ability to do both long and short term planning was unsurpassed.

He plans out things well and is able to deliver to his commitments.

He ensures that nothing is missed and that results are as planned.

John has tremendous strengths in short and long term planning.

John is very focused and determined to get realize his plans.

Busy as he is with his other responsibilities, he posts arrive as planned and are becoming a mainstay of our long term blog planning.

John determines priorities, establishes plans and effectively measures outcomes against the plan.

He plans events very well & has always been very good in planning & executing plans successfully.

Team members know that they have the autonomy to get things done, and always have his backing if something doesn't go as planned.

Do what it takes to meet him, and plan to hang around as long as he will let you.

John is radical and innovative in his plans and the way he does things.

He took the time to know him, and what his short and long term plans are.

His plan is to continue our collaboration as long as mutually beneficial.

He planned for innovation, while being perceptive and realistic.

When things deviate from the plan, he goes above and beyond to make sure that jobs get done.

John can be counted on to get the job accomplished according to plan.

He took the worry out of his job and had everything planned out.

John is very efficient in planning and getting the jobs done.

Maybe it's all the long hours he puts in when everyone else is long gone.

John taught him that anything can be done as long as you're steadfast.

He also understands how long everything should take to get done.

He still has a long way to go and the best of him is yet to come.

John is always available and willing to put in the long hours.

And he's with you for the long haul, and that's something, too.

Either by himself or through his very broad range of contacts.

It didn't take him long to see efficiency in everything he did.

Our company is really very lucky to have him retained for so long.