Management Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Management Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Incredibly, he managed all of this despite having very little experience in the industry.

He helped to turn our little company into an industry powerhouse and he managed to do it while still making friends in the industry.

His way of managing people is really what the industry needs.

Not even joking, he managed to get him more relevant offers than anyone else in the industry.

His expertise in disability and absence management is well known in the industry.

People in the industry should take a leaf out of his management principles.

He understands the industry and what the hiring manager was looking for.

His outstanding partner management capabilities make him one of the best in the industry.

John is recognized as an industry expert in fraud management.

He has a complete grasp of not only his arena, but other industries he hasn't directly managed.

John's leadership and capacity for managing complexity is unmatched in the industry.

He impressed his colleagues, managers, and also industry experts outside the company.

His trust in him helped him become a better manager and figure in the industry.

His industry insight is incredible and his management style very refreshing.

Always updated on the latest trends and facts about the industry he manages.

He manages to find candidate profile that can match with the industry.

John is a dynamic, and thoughtful manager and industry expert.

Moreover, as a manager, he managed to create and retain friendships with all his colleagues that is, unfortunately, rarely found in this industry.

He knows the industry and the subject and manages to match the two together very well.

This and his knowledge of the industry makes him one of the top managers in our company.

John's management style and knowledge of the industry was first rate.

It was an insightful three months for him, not just in terms of the industry, but also in managing a company.

John's commitment to excellence as a category manager sets him apart in our industry.

An industry manager-turned-academician himself, he could easily empathize with him.

He came highly recommended by the manager of that practice who had known him through the industry for years.

He knows a great deal about the programmatic industry as well as campaign management.

John manages from the points of great industry knowledge, as well as compassion.

One of the best affiliate managers in the industry, and a credit to his firm.

His industry knowledge coupled with his excellent management style.

He's also great at managing personalities which is essential in this industry.

In an ever-changing industry, he manages to stay ahead of the game.

His insights into managing the value of information across so many industries is astonishing.

His knowledge and understanding of the industry is great and he manages both industry and political agendas with sensitivity yet determination.

He does not micro manage and truly encourages his team to be the absolute best in the industry.

Add to that his experience in the industry, and you have one of the best managers you could work with.

His knowledge in the records management industry is unmatched.

He manages well in all directions, and keeps up on industry standards, motivating others to do the same.

John is a passionate individual whose dedication goes beyond what's best for the company he is managing but towards growing the industry.

Over the past few years, he has excelled in what he is managing diverse portfolios across multiple industries.

John manages a diverse number of topics, and is always on top of what is happening in these industries.

He consistently managed the division with a vision of success, even when the industry faltered.

His management and leadership ability in an intense and changing industry was always right on.

John's management style is above all consistent, a rarity in such a pressurised industry.

John understands change management beyond the buzz word industry trends.

The nature of our industry is changing and he excels at managing change.

His knowledge of the financial/benefits management area is unsurpassed in the industry.

He gained the respect of his colleagues, managers and throughout the wireless industry, too.

Although new to the industry when he first started, he managed to pick up the job very quickly with very little guidance.