Management Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Management Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Within his role as engagement manager, he has further emphasized his management and organizational skills.

John's organizational skills, calm demeanor, and management skills were also very helpful, and exactly what we needed.

He possesses very good stakeholder management skills as well as superior organizational skills.

He has wonderful leadership skills and his people management skills are par excellence.

He has great problem solving skills and, more importantly, people management skills.

Apart from outstanding delivery skills he possesses very good management skills.

John is a highly skilled manager of people with excellent interpersonal skills.

John has an interesting background, which incorporates his investment skills, management skills and training skills.

His stakeholder management skills and negotiation skills helps in navigating through difficult situations.

John has great management style, leadership skills and excellent problem solving skills.

John brings to the table a unique blend of management skills and our company skills.

John's quality management skills are exemplary along with his leadership skills.

From organizational skills to his management skills to his motivational tactics, nobody is better at getting the most out of his employees.

His management skills and tracking skills helped us achieve our goals on time.

What amazes me is him superb management skills because virtually managing so many people is a gifted skill within itself.

He has the rare combination of technical skills, communications skills and management skills.

His managing skills not only helped us understand our strength, but also helped us strengthen our skill in other areas.

Good communication skills with both the hiring managers and the candidates were him strongest skills.

He also possesses very good communication skills and expectation management skills.

His management and expense management skills have allowed me to learn from him at every turn.

His skills with the computer are amazing as are his presentation skills to upper management.

His people skills and organizational skills made him an excellent functional manager.

He is also an engaged manager with a skill for managing across cultural and geographic boundaries.

He has exceptional skills in stakeholder management, helping to engage and manage expectations.

He has excellent skills at being able to manage people with varying skills to their maximum potential.

John brings all the skills and attributes of a driven and skilled events manager.

He has excellent stakeholder management skills combined with great team skills.

He is also very skilled in managing relationships and get along well with others.

Transparent towards his management and open on how he could improve his skills.

I would highly commend his heroic effort and problem solving skills, his management and leadership skills.

John is a precise and detail oriented manager who has great people skills as well as superior management skills.

His ability to manage upward, his formidable informing skills, and innovation management are three of the many skills he possesses.

John displays all the characteristics a good manager needs from exemplary time management skills to great people skills.

Not only does he have extraordinary people management skills, but also great presentation and negotiation skills.

John's management skills are first class, in particular his interpersonal skills in dealing with other members of the team.

John also possesses great stakeholder management skills and is always open to learning new skills from others.

He had good relationship management skill that came handy in managing vendors.

John has that unique skill, along with superb management, negotiation, and communication skills.

Professionally, him attributes are many, however, he has superb listening skills, excellent time management, and above average interpersonal skills.

His interpersonal skills, management skills, and attitude to do the right thing for the company in the face of adversity or negativity is admirable.

I was fortunate to experience his new hire training skills and management skills.

He also has excellent people skills and other soft skills which are so important to make today's manager more effective.

He is also very skilled in stakeholder management, with exceptional communication, diplomacy and collaboration skills.

His communication skill, patience and leadership skill make him to be a perfect manager.

He has organizational skills and positive skills of management of a large team.

His management and leadership skills are something you have to experience to appreciate.

John is one of those unique managers who know how to combine people management with business management skills.

John has very strong management skills which he utilizes to succeed in managing his daily responsibilities.

I think he possess very good manager's skills - both for managing processes and managing the people in the company.

Him team management skills, professionalism and client management skills are commendable.

Project management, analytics, organization, and people management are just a few of his skills.

Without his skills and management, we would have been at risk on our successful outcomes.

John is very hands-on with his management style and he has great follow-up skills.

John is one of those managers who has a unique combination of skills and talents.

John's skills have had a very positive effect on managing change management throughout our organization.

Very good with his technical skills and excellent with his people management skill.

His strong management skills and outstanding soft-skills have greatly contributed towards getting the most and the best out of his team.

His managerial skills are tremendous and his team management skills are worth mentioning too.

John has excellent relationship management skills and is someone who always follows through and does what he says he'll do.

He just understands what are the responsibilities of every manager and still improve his skills.