Management Style LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Management Style Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

I have come to recognize his management style, only after watching other managers.

Even though my own style of management is very different from his, definitely respect his style for its efficiency.

And what's best about his managing style is that he sets you up to succeed and that's the best type of manager.

John's management style actually encompasses leadership-something that many managers lack.

I have found his management style to be excellent, exactly how a manager should be.

John has an empathetic style of management that endears him with his peers and those that he manages.

His management style makes you want to do your best and aspire to all you can be and beyond.

John is easy to get along with and him management style makes you want to do your best.

Dedication and leadership have always been the forefront for him management style.

John has an exceptional style of looking at things and managing the expectations.

I would have to say that his management style was more on the affiliate side.

John's style of management is quite different from that of your regular boss.

His management style was such that he was able to take out the best from everyone.

Besides that he is able to handle different kind of management styles which not every manager is having.

His management style and easy to talk to make him an ideal manager for me and my teammates.

He was managing me, but it felt more of a partnership than a management style.

John's management style is very hands on - he doesn't ask someone to do something that he is not willing to do himself.

He was able to motivate me and others to want to do well just by his management style.

John is a dedicated manager whose management style is motivating and insightful.

As a manager, his style is that of an open door, but hands off type manager, there when you need him but not micro managing.

I have worked with many managers over the years, and enjoy his style of management.

His style of managing people has been just amazingly different from orthodox style.

His managing style is hands off, but is there when you need help and guidance.

John was someone you could always count on to get things done, and done with style.

Not only does he do the right things, but he does it with style and compassion.

Furthermore, his character and style of management allows him to get the best from everyone around him, regardless of their role within the company.

John management style is such that he is very well-liked by the partners/staff, yet he is amazingly effective.

And one thing that etched on me forever that his style of management is not transactional but transformational.

He is setting the example and with his non nonse management style he always gets the right things done.

His management style has the right balance in terms of getting things done without being overbearing.

John had an unpretentious management style and did not interfere when it was not necessary.

He has an outstanding management style that allows him to empower others to be successful.

I really like his management style and willingness to try best to deal with any challenge.

His style of management has always encouraged us to deliver to the best of our abilities.

I have also seen his management style to be very collaborative and "inclusive" by nature.

His style of management inspired me to want to be my best and he helped along that path.

John's collaborative management style allows him to bring out the best in contributors.

John has always been encouraging participative style of management and leadership.

His management style relies on this legitimacy, but also and above all on sincerity.

With his friendly management style, he is very well liked and respected by everyone.

His management style is what has made myself and many others fiercely loyal to him.

John is an individual who is laid back, yet effective in his management style.

He has taken those traits and applied them in his management style, and it shows.

He helps you see the next step and him management style is to help you, help you.

His style was that of a "players" manager, and was always there to help if needed.

I have incorporated many of his methods and philosophies into my management style.

His management style allows for input and flexibility, which is really refreshing.

His management style reflects well on all who come into contact with his company.

John managed some tough challenges for us and did this all with grace and style.

Most importantly, he does it with an approachable, no-nonsense management style.

I found him to be firm but fair in his management style and always approachable.

John management style is to let the individual take his/his own responsibility.

But his inclusionary style of management makes the distance not seem like an issue.

John management style and expectations were straightforward and well defined.

John was flexible with his management style and open to different scenarios.

His style of management is not only effective, but very unique and interesting.

His management style brought out the absolute best in all of his subordinates.

He is always available for further questions, such a wonderful managing style.

John has a maturity to his management style that enables him to manage both up and down with the greatest of ease.

John's management style is one that allows his staff to be effective and get things done without micromanaging.