Marketing Account Executive LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Marketing Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has been a fountainhead to him when it comes to marketing planning and execution.
He knows what it takes to take something from concept, all the way through execution.
John always knew what was necessary to be successful and how to execute.
John could always be trusted to determine what to do and then execute.
He's an inspiration to all of us who want to be successful executives.
Understands well his responsibilities and excellent executer.
In addition, he executed all of the electronic marketing campaigns we did.
John knows what it takes to execute and build a market from more or less scratch.
He learned very quickly and executed marketing campaigns efficiently.
His tactile execution is what helped us execute our event flawlessly.
Not only him marketing plans were thought through, but the execution was efficient and successful.
His execution of marketing plans is faultless- he shines in doing whatever it takes.
He's been awesome with marketing ideas, as well as execution of action plans.
His enthusiasm for creating and executing marketing plans is boundless.
Highly recommend him as a person and as an account executive.
He takes charge, executes efficiently and drives results in marketing.
His versatility as an accomplished executive makes him valuable among all those seeking to expand their executive presence.
While he has inbuilt execution drive, but is also able to go deep enough to content which is a great combination for marketing executive.
He went over and above and we ended up with everything we needed to be able to execute our complete marketing strategy.
He taught that marketing is not only about strategy and execution, but about accurate and measurable results.
Carrying & owning marketing concepts from thought to execution irrespective of the challenges are him forte.
His ability to deliver go to market execution while seeing the bigger strategy are unparalleled.
He successfully covers all aspects of marketing from vision and strategy through execution.
John greatly enhanced our go-to-market strategies and the execution of those strategies.
His marketing expertise allowed us to follow thru and execute without missing a beat.
He also was able to execute effective marketing campaigns with very limited budgets.
Him the ability to react to market needs and execute strategy quickly is tremendous.
John knows how to drive strategic marketing initiatives from concept to execution.
As a marketer, he is innovative, efficient and creative in execution.
John closed two well known corporate accounts in one of the toughest and most competitive markets.
He understands how to penetrate target markets and identify opportunities within specific accounts.
He's a proven marketing executive with deep experience in innovative marketing techniques that push the boundaries.
He gives people what they need to do well, and trusts them to execute.
Coming up with innovative marketing plans and executing them with precision is his forte.
John excelled as the executive in charge of branding, messaging, and marketing.
His extensive marketing experience is apparent, from strategy all the way through execution.
In addition to being an excellent marketing executive, he was also an awesome boss as well.
He knows sports marketing better than any executive and he is fun to work with.
John truly understands the strategic importance of an executive marketing role.
He embodies outside-in thinking that made great marketing organization's like ours even better and more refined in its execution.
The combination of ideas, drive, and execution ability made him the cornerstone of our marketing efforts.
John completed tasks assigned to him promptly, while pitching and executing new marketing ideas.
All in all, he's a top grade marketing executive that would be an asset to any organization.
John amazed him with his ability to mingle the theory of marketing with executing a campaign.
His ability to create, facilitate, and execute marketing strategies was second to none.
John on many occasions helped us to win accounts both in the channel and in enterprise markets.
With his guidance we gained significant market share and new key accounts.
He has been very responsive, trustworthy and has executed what he said he would do in the given timeframe.
As an executive he had the respect of both those above him as well as individual contributors.
John is always very thorough, enthusiastic, and completely in his offerings and execution.
John can see an opportunity where others may think none exists and execute to profitability.
John has many strengths, but the one that really stands out is his ability to execute.
John is incredibly thorough, quick to execute and is always followed through completely.
He has taken his duties very seriously, never settling for less than perfect execution.
John is someone you can entrust with responsibility without bothering about execution.
His ideas and taking them forward brought value to the company, and were well executed.
He is good at execution and knows how to ask the right questions for clarification.
John has all of the traits you'd hope for when going from concept to execution.
He's smart, he gets it fast, executes, and doesn't let anything get in his way.
Additionally, he's equally on track when it comes to follow thru and execution.