Marketing Communications LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Marketing Communications Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

An adept communicator, he was/is an asset to any marketing effort.

His reputation in the online marketing community is unsurpassed.

John is an exceptional professional in the communications market.

He understands the missing link between traditional communication and e-marketing.

He taught him a great deal about communication, marketing and leadership.

He communicates in a way that causes the novice and the experts in the network marketing community to stand and cheer.

He's an approachable, smart and communicative marketing professional.

His deep knowledge of the financial markets, as well as him marketing communication skills, is valuable to any firm looking for innovative marketing communications.

John requires very little supervision or direction and keeps up with the fast changes with in marketing and communications.

He would be an asset to any organization where his background in marketing communications would apply.

John fully understands and effectively communicates marketing and engagement opportunities.

He is a pleasure to work with and really knows what he is talking about when it comes to all things marketing and communications.

He uses evidence to build authentic marketing communications that make a difference to him clients' marketing.

The John company would be lucky to have him head up their communications and marketing division.

He made marketing interesting and understandable even to a programmer with limited exposure to effective marketing communication.

John is passionate marketer - he's very engaged and aware of the wider marketing community and as such always offers a forward thinking view.

John adds intelligence to any marketing topic and through his leadership has given our local marketing community an inspired attitude.

He did this through an ability to understand marketing issues and how his medium could add value to the communication mix.

Over the last few years he had been his counterpart, responsible for the company's marketing communications group.

His background in marketing was an added bonus and he contributed substantially to our communications efforts.

He understands the online community space inside and out and very insightful about where the market is going.

He clearly understands the nuances of marketing communications, and is realistic about timelines and budgets.

John's most commendable attribute is his ability to communicate neatly and market his ideas/plans that way.

He always has his eye on the end result of a marketing or communication effort and focuses in on success.

His expertise, grasp of market situations and ability to communicate effectively are his hallmark.

He almost single-handedly built the world-wide community that made those markets successfully.

He understands his market, a great speaker and the best way to communicate a point.

He not only knows marketing and can help others market their business but also cares about his own community.

John is a rare breed in the marketing communications field where he surpasses every category of communications excellence.

His commitment, communication and competence within the analytical and marketing segments were superior.

His network is also very wide within the marketers and also with local communities.

But it is not merely his extensive knowledge of marketing communications and copywriting that makes him so valuable.

He's one of those rare individuals who communicates effectively to both marketers and technologists.

He makes your communications better with his writing style, his market perspective, and his constant eye on your audience.

Through his in depth analysis, we re-aligned our go to market positioning and communications as well as our strategy.

We implemented his advice in our new marketing communications and the feedback has been extremely positive.

He's a natural marketer, an engaging communicator and he understands the value of effective storytelling.

In addition, he's a dynamic speaker and communicator, who often set the bar within marketing.

He knows him marketing communications from both a theoretical and a practical perspective.

Sales and marketing is all about communication and he certainly is a master in this field.

He's offered his advice on marketing, selling, communication, and technology.

He also understands the connection between marketing and the other components of a successful organisation, which makes him versatile as well as great in a communications and marketing role.

He is an asset to all of the communities in which he participates.

He not only understands caregiving, he knows how to communicate.

He's done immense things for the small business marketing community.

His strategic inclination is an asset in the world of communication and marketing.

With his broad knowledge of different aspects of marketing he is able to work in different kinds of marketing / communications positions.

John provided direction and feedback on the core messaging that would inform all marketing communications across the five target markets.

He is not only an expert in the area of community marketing, he helped us with our analytics efforts.

The second way was with great creativity and ideas to more effectively market and communicate with his prospects.

He makes it his job to help others around him succeed and consistently provides valuable feedback in both the marketing and communications realms.

John's marketing leadership was directly responsible for turning around several underperforming communities to multiple sellout releases in declining market conditions.

He also showed him how to always link marketing strategy with advertising and communication.

He served as co-chair of our marketing communications and event sponsorship committees.

He proved to be passionate about interactive marketing and competent on the paneuropean communication environment.

A strong communicator and powerful influencer, he seems to see audience and market trends before others.

His style has impact and is very direct - exactly what we need for our clients marketing communications.

He helped him every step of the way to communicate and market himself in a more effective way and celebrated victories with him along the way.

He is a bulldog when it comes to being thorough and thinking through every possible way to market and communicate to a target audience.

John is an extremely passionate marketer and communicator, but his greatest strength is his ability to keep his eye on the prize.