Marketing Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Marketing Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John knows marketing and its responsibility within an organization.

John also willing to help colleagues outside of his market area.

He always got us into houses as soon as they came on the market.

At the same time, it lets him reflecting about different ideas, far away from his own market.

He certainly knows marketing, and he knows how to serve his clients.

At the same time he also believes that marketing can still be fun.

At the same time, him marketing instincts are right on the money.

He truly transformed our marketing approach during that time.

He is also at all times the guru of marketing and innovation.

John's marketing and organizational insights are the best we have found.

He followed that up by redirecting our efforts toward partner marketing.

There are a few marketers that get the job done as gracefully as he does.

John walked him through every step of getting back into the job market.

His overall understanding of the pharmaceutical market is excellent.

He knows the tools of the trade, yes, but he also knows his market.

John is very well connected to the key-players in this market.

On top of that you can be sure that you will have incredible insights on the market and the possibilities as well as him breadth of marketing experience.

He has incredible energy and enthusiasm for everything marketing and he often jokes about how he is a 'marketing nerd.

His connections within the market have proved invaluable and his understanding of the mobile market is second to none.

He knows very well the mobile market and has especially a rock solid marketing and editorial vision.

His experience and market know-how is also commendable and he has a strong grip on the market pulse.

As your marketing director, he is thrifty with your cash as though it was his own and looks to create maximum marketing benefit for the minimum spend from your budget.

A natural-born marketer, with an enthusiastic and passionate character, he is always looking into innovative ways to do marketing.

Him marketing campaign always covers the target market thoroughly and accurately with well-written and delivered messages.

He built his organization to open new markets and strengthen the company's position in our strongest markets.

John takes the time to understand your market, its needs and efficient ways to reach your target markets.

John helped the company streamline the marketing effort and get a lot of visibility in the market.

His keen marketing sense masterminded the company's most successful marketing campaign ever.

He created a wonderful marketing tool for the decorative concrete market.

John committed himself well to understanding our brief and searching the market for appropriate candidates.

John understands the market that he is in and what is required to get the best results for the company.

John can do many disciplines in marketing and has done so for large and smaller companies.

He's known our market and space very well and has been instrumental in our successes.

Under his leadership our market excelled at being the first to close every month.

He's versatile, committed and well experienced in many markets around the world.

By following his advice, we have seen definite growth from our marketing efforts.

John's help has been invaluable in kickstarting our growth marketing efforts.

He would be an asset to any organization wanting to get serious about marketing.

He provided him opportunities to become a stronger and more confident marketer.

He always came up with just the right marketing tool to get our message out.

He's in touch with today's market and how to best sell in this environment.

He probes with questions to find out more across all marketing disciplines.

He makes things happen and he keeps up with ever changing market place.

John's thought leadership and marketing expertise was next to none.

He's a man of his word, which is often hard to come by in this market.

John's approach to marketing is well thought out and results-driven.

Because of his commitment our company enjoyed success in that market.

Since that first marketing class, he's been his friend and mentor.

John is a well respected affiliate marketer and entrepreneur.

He searches for the right options matching markets and ambition.

John is exceptionally bright and intuitive about market trends.

John is a marketing visionary and an expert on collaboration.

John is taking for the global marketing activities of adsmobi.

He could read the market, knew who the key players were, and could accurately target that market.

His negotiating tactics are second to none and he's an excellent marketer.

His depths and experience allows him to make immediate contributions across many markets.

He will certainly be able to help you with all of your printing and marketing needs.

He says what he means and has the market experience to back up his opinions.

John is terrific - he really knows his stuff around mobile and marketing.

Him diversity of experience makes him very adaptable to different markets.