Marketing Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Marketing Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He's been able to help several of his ex-colleagues when moving from one industry to another as the markets crumbled.

We are always striving to find the next trend in marketing because he pushes us to be the best in our industry.

John stays connected to the industry to be sure that we are always staying ahead of the marketing trends.

He seems always to be at the cusp of new market trends long before they become a bible within the industry.

This approach is what differentiates him from most others in a very competitive market and industry.

He helped us tremendously with various marketing initiatives and is well connected in the industry.

Global markets in different industry sectors are his spheres of action and best known to him.

Not for his glory, but for the betterment of society, culture and the marketing industry.

He also makes it a point to contribute to his industry and to the marketing profession.

What makes him unique is his ability to understand the global market and the industry.

Even though the online marketing industry was new to him, he picked things up fast.

He understands his industry and how to position us in the market place for success.

He knows the industry very well and understands partnerships, joint marketing, etc.

He does his homework and is able to bring him marketing acumen to any industry.

Highly recommend him for any kind of industrial sector marketing initiatives.

He is a top pro in the marketing industry, yet he is still down to earth.

John brings considerable industry and marketing expertise to the table.

Him level of intellect regarding the marketing industry is unmatched.

He is always on the cutting edge of the online marketing industry.

John is a name that can be heard throughout the affiliate marketing industry.

He's constantly finding new ways to break into new markets, whether it be the gaming industry, marketing, or whatever.

His understanding of the telecom industry and the market is exceptional.

John is an industrious and insightful marketing professional.

John has been in the online marketing industry for quite some time and he knows just about everybody.

John always was on top of industry trends and was always passionate about interactive marketing.

He knows the industry inside out and is a valuable presence in any marketing meeting.

John's adaptive marketing talent may be unique in this industry.

Him understanding on online/offline/social marketing is an excellent addition to any organisation who's looking for an industry subject matter expert for marketing.

Give him any industry, any market, any product/solution set and he will craft a marketing strategy that commands your attention.

He knows the industry and provides excellent solutions on various marketing channels.

John's knowledge of the market and connections within the industry are second to none.

He sticks to what he says, his knowledge about the industry and markets are outstanding.

His knowledge of the industry, the market and our competition was un-matched.

His industry knowledge of the way e-marketing is going is undeniable.

His work has led to the penetration of new markets and industries.

His knowledge on the market & industry is factual and realistic.

Also, his know how on the games industry and the Brazilian market are really impressive.

Do not miss his next webinar or industry presentation and if you really want results, bring him into your market.

He possesses an amazing understanding of the employment market & the industries.

His insight into markets, people and the industry at large is tremendous.

He's been good to read industry trends and where his markets are going.

John's ability to bring to market industry solutions is remarkable.

John also understands marketing and industry dynamics and their implications for optimizing his marketing plan and organization.

His deep knowledge of all marketing pillars and different marketing-mix as a marketer fits him into any industry which is his primary strength.

John goes out of his way to help others and genuinely wants to succeed in the event marketing industry.

This has vastly increased his marketability and value within the purchasing industry.

His understanding of the marketing and advertising industry should not be wasted.

He achieved to get us into market regions and industries we have not been before.

He keeps a pulse on market trends and industry best practices, making him a savvy marketer.

He has an outstanding understanding of the industry and its marketing needs, but most of all he's an excellent mentor.

His dedication mixed with his passion for marketing is a combination that cannot always be found in this industry.

That's quite refreshing in the marketing world, and the reason that he commands so much respect in the industry.

John will be a force to reckon with in the marketing industry, and quite probably beyond, for decades to come.

At each organisation, he quickly became an expert in the industry and the company's marketing needs.

His insight into industry trends and his ability to analyze the market are second to none.

Always responsive, he has a strong understanding of our industry and our marketing messages.

Within all conversations his expertise in the industry and as a marketer shines through.

Coupled with deep industry and marketing expertise his sense of humor is extraordinary.

He keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry and is aware of current market trends.

He has a keen sense and thorough understanding of market needs and industry dynamics.