Marketing Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Diligent, forthright, and has always been well respected for both his management and his understanding of markets.

He was always willing to lighten the other marketers loads and make their responsibilities more manageable.

On his own, he came up with weekly recognition tips that he sent out to all managers in the market.

He is an excellent all round marketer and manager who knows how to get stuff done.

I have nothing but positive things to say about him as a manager and a marketer.

John has an excellent reputation in the market and is an exceptional manager.

John is a spot-on marketing manager, if he can do, he will do it right away.

Such an asset that he was promoted to marketing manager and when we sold him market, the new company had kept him on in that position.

He could provide value both from an editorial and marketing management perspective.

I believe that he is still teaching me about what a marketing manager should be.

John has always shown respect and sensitivity for each of the markets he managed in his position.

He was a great market manager who could always be counted on to go above and beyond when needed.

John is an experienced marketer and manager, and it is evident in his approach toward challenges.

John is a more than a capable marketing manager and has the capacity to think outside the box.

John can create and manage the complete marketing mix and he does it all naturally.

I strongly recommend him to be in the management position to look after global market.

He has initiated, built, or managed most of the marketing endeavors for the company.

John stands out for his incredibly thoughtful approach to management and marketing.

He is extremely focused manager, trying to help the markets by customized approach.

As a marketing manager, he always put his heart into everything that he does.

He is bright, intuitive and has exceptional marketing management capabilities.

His stint has again proved that he is an efficient medico-marketing manager.

By far his most admirable trait, was his ability to nurture and manage my progression into a marketing manager.

Deep understanding of the subject allows him to make correct management decisions and be one of the best on the market.

John always had an upbeat attitude, even when managing through some difficult issues in our market.

John has given me invaluable advice regarding marketing myself and managing my time more effectively.

John is the marketing manager to whom we look up to for ideas, approaches, strategies and tactics.

John came into my marketing class and discussed how to effectively manage time.

John managed a wide array of mission critical marketing and non marketing responsibilities, all of which were very successful.

John's positive attitude and willingness to trust me in my role as marketing manager made him an ideal manager.

John became the manager of our marketing department six months into my joining the company.

I would recommend him to any organization that is looking for a progressive marketing manager that is willing to get things done.

John is an excellent manager of subordinates to make sure all marketing elements are cohesive and effective.

John is an impressive manager and an individual who understands all elements of marketing comprehensively.

John was great to collaborate with on our joint leadership, marketing and management masterclasses.

He has a terrific insight for both marketing and management that he can easily back up with results.

John was an energetic and knowledgeable marketing manager who stayed on top of his responsibilities.

He goes beyond his marketing role to fully understand the scope of the product/business he manages.

John will always be one of my favorite marketing management staff, which is second to none.

John is very smart and proactive about identifying and managing potential in-market issues.

In his role as marketing manager, he was responsible for redesigning the company website.

John was a great manager, he understood the market and how to best position ourselves.

He manages the complexities of the marketing push with total confidence and dedication.

He always manages to find great candidates, even in the toughest of market conditions.

John is an energetic, focused manager with insight into market dynamics and needs.

John is a marvel when it comes to his ability to market, manage, and mentor.

John later accepted the challenge of managing our company's mid-market initiative.

John has extensive experience in event/conference management and marketing that is more than impressive.

John is a detail-oriented manager and always keeps his hawk sight on the market.

John is well versed in marketing, agency management, as well as third party/vendor negotiations and relationship management.

He must balance his marketing between competing companies and he manages to this in an open and forthright manner.

John is engaging marketing manager who portrays both passion and conscientiousness in his leadership.

John is an experienced and motivated marketing manager with an ability to take ideas to reality.

He had the drive to excel and a judgment that was comparable to marketing managers.

He has set a new standard for marketing managers and will go far in his career.

He understands the markets very well both domestic and international and manages himself with perfection.

He managed several different responsibilities on top of him marketing duties, and he did all of them with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

He successfully managed the marketing of multiple Tradeshows, some of which were the largest shows in the company.

Thanks to his efforts we have managed to penetrate and succeed in an extremely competitive and difficult market.

He always achieved and often overachieved expectations set by top management in a challenging market.