Marketing Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Marketing Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Besides his marketing skills he is also a very strategic marketer and great with statistics and analysis.
Good marketing and financial skills are also part of his skill set.
He did not only get everyone on board by sharing his marketing skills, but he also made everyone feel like anything and everything was possible.
His marketing skills are second to none and he is able to help others understand a different way of looking at the world.
He gets the whole marketing picture, as well as having the individual skill set necessary for all the pieces.
He then took it upon himself to acquire additional marketing skills to expand him value.
His marketing leadership skills are outstanding & his credibility is unquestionable.
John helped him gain the skills necessary to be successful in any marketing position.
John also has the listening skills needed to excel in different roles or markets.
His enthusiasm and dedication, and spot-on marketing skills are unparalleled.
Him skills transcend marketing, and he thrives in challenging environments.
His illustration skills are meticulous, and he's got great marketing savvy.
His marketing acumen is on target and his leadership skills are exemplary.
Nectari and his multicultural skills are hard to find in the market today.
In addition, he has that rare combination of persuasive marketing skills.
His leadership skills and ability to forecast the market was tremendous.
John brings in traditional and modern marketing skills to the table.
He's a highly skilled marketer - couldn't recommend him more highly.
John's reputation as a highly skilled marketer is beyond question.
John proved himself as a dedicated marketer with great skills.
John has a range of excellent marketing skills in his toolkit.
His skills are strong across the range of marketing activities.
Learned a ton about the market and his skills helped him to enhance his selling skills as well.
His analytical skills are second to none, and he uses them to optimise him marketing very effectively.
His analytical skills and comprehension of the market is right on track.
He knows the market, prices effectively and is skilled at negotiations.
These skills plus his pragmatic approach to marketing make him a valuable addition to any marketing team.
Combine that skill with his energy and enthusiasm for marketing and we win.
His marketing experience, skills and market knowledge base prove to be an example for many around.
Not only does he have the right marketing skills, he has the prerequisite business nous and personal skills that are essential in any market.
He looks at each individual client to see exactly where they want to be and then uses his marketing skills to get them there.
John always had timely answers to our needs and was skillful in his approach to market our sites.
Which makes him skills sharper and more marketable for any company to attain him as an employee.
His skills are unsurpassed in his market, and he is irreplaceable to his clients.
John provides a unique skill-set not often found in many marketing organizations.
Him leadership skills, marketing knows how and drive for success is extraordinary.
Although engaged for him marketing expertise, he brought this additional skill.
He seems to have great skill in marketing and meeting deadlines with ease.
He's also gifted with smart, convincing powers and marketing skills.
He has the skill to know and understand marketing and technology.
John uniquely combines marketing expertise with writing skills.
John's marketing skills in forming strategic marketing alliances for the company with other organizations are very commendable.
Him vertical market, product marketing and people skills are superb.
His skill set spans all the core marketing functions you could ask for in a great marketer and beyond.
Specifically, he is highly skilled and creative when it comes to the marketing world.
His marketing skills are very impressive as well as his international know-how.
John's understanding of marketing is as deep as his creative skills.
He balances both top notch marketing skills with great technical skill.
He knows how to take advantage of market opportunities and use his excellent negotiation skills.
He teaches you skills that help you reach markets you wouldn't have reached otherwise.
John's skills in marketing and eCommerce directly contributed to the company's growth.
His patience and enthusiasm in teaching new marketing skills has been invaluable.
He spots opportunity's way ahead of the market and has excellent people skills.
His skill sets are everything a marketing department could ever wish to have.
Highly recommended for both his marketing acumen and great people skills.
He has great marketing skills and enthusiasm that he brings to his job.
He brings clarity and organizational skills to the world of marketing.
Him marketing skills speak for themselves; the numbers are astounding.
John's mix of marketing and people skills sets him apart from the rest.
He kept us focused on the goal and taught us great marketing skills.
His marketing skills are sharp and he has great entrepreneurial instincts.
With his great marketing skills, he was always in top performers.
Him marketing skills and keen intellect have always impressed him.
In addition, he displays an unparalleled time to market skills.
He bears the skills to market the company's image beautifully.
He's helped him find the correct venues to market his skills.
John conveyed an extraordinary mixture of marketing skills at our company.
He is a good marketing skills and he has an eye for our company.
In addition, he always explored unique marketing initiatives on the cutting edge of marketing activity, demonstrating his solid marketing skills.
John's excellent organizational skills, teamwork, entrepreneurship, marketing, and managerial skills will continue to be useful to any organization.
Him marketing and media skills once given the brief was exemplary.
The marketing skills and contacts are impressive to say the least and he would be a fantastic addition to any marketing team.
His marketing skills are second to none and he has created very successful channel programs due to these skills.
One of his strongest skills is marketing, and he is keen to see what is best for our customers.
Guided by his marketing skills we have definitely benefited from his advice and help.
He has an excellent reputation and is known for his customer and marketing skills.
Amiable and ever smiling, he impresses clients with his marketing skills.
Him skills, particularly in marketing & communication are exceptional.
He combines technical and marketing skills to provide an end-to-end approach to email marketing.
John's marketing skills are underwritten by three core values: his passion, his organization skills and his creativity.
John has really strong strategic marketing skills and he compliments that with excellent relationship skills.
He knows online marketing inside out and backwards, and has the people skills to match.
John's skills and marketing savvy were excellent - those of a much more experienced marketer, and we would have kept him indefinitely had funds permitted.
John has great people skills and is great at pinpointing specific needs in whatever target market he is marketing to.
He is a truly experienced and diversified marketing expert with superior skills within digital marketing.
He blends his leadership skills, market knowledge, shopper marketing experience perfectly.
Few people in the our company market have these skills - the market tends to be faster than minds who are "inside the box" oriented.
It is no surprise to him that he has taken his direct marketing knowledge and skills and successfully applied it within the wider marketing and now the online marketing arena.
His marketing skills are top notch, and he's always looking to use new technologies and come up with new and original marketing ideas.
In that project he showed strong skills in market analysis and market access.
Not only for his best-in-class marketing skills, but as an individual as well.
These skills are what makes him an extremely valuable marketing resource.
His advertising and marketing skills go well beyond the call of duty.
He made the marketing team grew thanks to its managerial skills.
Since then, he has brilliantly honed his excellent marketing instincts and skills to become an accomplished law firm marketer, certainly one of the toughest marketing jobs there is.
His skill in marketing automation and content marketing was key in taking our marketing team to a higher level.
He has such great marketing and presentation skills that he can make anything look better and more meaningful with his words.
The program successfully went to the market and that is the best confirmation of his skills and knowledge.
He made sure the marketing department was successful by allowing us to leverage his skills.
He is able to take this skill and apply it to his marketing and his presentation ability.
His market knowledge is second to none and his organisational skills are first class.
John's passion and skill in all things digital marketing are undeniable.
Working with him has broadened his digital marketing skills even further.
John's experience, skills and self-drive make him a formidable marketer.
Him marketing skills and experience translate very well in real estate.
Add to the strong people skills, his own solid marketing prowess.
Him negotiation skills & marketing (concept selling) are amazing.
His skill level in the areas of inbound marketing is staggering.
His skills go beyond knowledge of best practices in marketing.
His technical skills, market understanding, and leadership skills all combined makes him the best.
As a digital marketer, he's constantly improving and adding more skills to his skill set.
His skill in marketing and selling the event is unsurpassed.
A skilled marketer, particularly in digital marketing, he earned the genuine respect of his team.
John has proven to be an adept marketer, fine-tuning his product marketing skills.
He's a skilled marketer who completely understands him businesses, and how to get the best from him marketing partners.
John is a very skilled and knowledgeable marketer and a shining star in our marketing department.
John is an excellent and skilled marketing manager, he has strong communication and marketing skills.
If he were lacking in any of his online marketing skills, which he most definitely is not, he would make up for it with sheer determination.
His understanding of the market need and bringing it the right solution is an invaluable skill.
His skill and enthusiasm meant that we could really make progress with our marketing goals.
He knows his markets well and is constantly learning more and expanding his skill sets.
John really helped him to improve his self-awareness, marketing and interviewing skills.
His intuition and skills have been invaluable as we reexamined our marketing function.
His marketing skills are very efficient in getting a new candidate for the right job.
His experience with marketing (and skill, even in another language) is incredible.
John has an incredible portfolio of skills in both traditional and e-marketing.
His analytical skills and marketing strategies are always accurate and effective.
He approaches every opportunity with learning marketing skills and enthusiasm.
His managerial skills are only surpassed by his online marketing prowess.
His online marketing skills are truly awesome, and the results are real.
His skill sets caters towards opening up new markets and opportunities.
His marketing skill set is vast and he knows how to get the job done.
Great employee that is eager to learn and grow his marketing skills.
John's skills address major facets of the marketing function.
He received an award of excellence from our company for his marketing skills.
His marketing skills are all transferable and allow him to not only micro-market to ethnic consumers but also address mainstream consumer challenges.
John has a very broad range of marketing skills and experience which he is adept at bringing to bear on any marketing situation.
His marketing skills continue to impress him as he continually breaks out with new ideas to crack large markets for our company.
His skill to take seemingly flat concepts and quickly translate them in highly marketable market initiatives is unmatched.
His client focus and marketing skills, combined, create a strong skill set desired by many marketing organizations.
Him networking and marketing skills make him even more valuable to an organization.
From marketing to systematization and networking he has many valuable skills.
His networking skills and connections in his market were unparalleled.
John knows and applies database marketing with the highest skill.
His marketing skills, people skills and his passion for doing the right thing are second only to his outstanding business acumen.
He integrates this skill with solid, strong marketing and business skills.
He also brings many other skills to the table such as internet marketing and social networking skills.
As we collaborated on marketing initiatives, him content knowledge and marketing skills shone.
As a marketer in his department, his skills were elevated, along with several others, under his direction.
He came in with the drive, vision, and skill to revamp our marketing department.