Media Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Media Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His ongoing success in the new media industry is not at all surprising to him.

He really understands the media industry, deadlines and how to tell a story.

He definitely has what it takes to be a true success in the media industry.

His want to make it into the media industry made him launch a magazine too.

A true gentleman - within the media industry he is one of the good guys.

These traits have served him well in the media and internet industries.

John's vision as to the future of the interactive media industry is always sharp.

He is a pioneer in all forms of media, the media that industry considers emerging he considers standard.

His understanding of new media channels is superior to most industry professionals.

John's achievements were even recognized by our (giant) media industry partners.

There are scant few people in the new media industry who have not been directly affected or influenced by him, and his passion for the industry can simply be described as flammable.

Always seeking new opportunities, he was on top of industry trends and the potentials of new media.

John seems to have unrivaled contacts and connections in the media industry, and for good reason.

He is a natural entrepreneur in the media industry with many of his own successful ventures complementing the work he does in the industry.

Plus, he really understands social media, which is very rare in our industry.

He knows his clients and the industry incredibly well and will recommend only the media that are exactly right for the brief.

John's vision for digital media and commerce is among the best in the industry.

He knows everything about the online media industry - and technologies.

John's name is well known in the media industry and people who know him speak highly of him.

John's creativity and thought leadership in the media industry truly shine.

His industry media connections were key to enabling broader coverage.

He understands and is ready to adapt to the changing dynamics of the media industry.

John demystifies the media industry beautifully with a fun and energetic spirit.

His knowledge and connections within the media and broadcast industry are superb.

He knows the media industry well and always had the desire to learn more and teach those around him.

He brings boundless energy to anything that can further the grown of the new media industry in this country.

His expertise is recognized across the industry and the social media platforms.

John always demonstrates passion for all media, industry, especially with photography.

He is very intelligent and passionate about the advertising and media industries.

John is one of the very rare talent in the media industry, very passionate about what he does.

His devotion to the industry and social media is unquestionable, as has been his time and patience to help a newcomer in the industry.

During that time witnessed an astute professional who not only knows his industry inside and out, but who really understands the future of the media industry and how it is transforming.

He carries with him a wealth of knowledge about media and the film industry.

He's one of the few people in new media that understands the industry at both the macro and micro level.

His contacts in the in the solar industry and media outlets he explored far surpassed his expectations.

Together with that, he constantly brings new ideas in a media environment within the advertising industry.

John's a great team player who truly understands the media industry.

John never ceases to surprise and amaze him; he is one of those true gems in the streaming media industry.

He understands the industry well and works tirelessly to ensure we make the most of any media campaign.

John is an amazing media spokesperson and brings exactly the right combination of media savvy and industry knowledge to any interview he does.

John presence radiates passion for the social media industry and even more so for his responsibilities.

He has a sincere love for media, and is so dedicated to growing and learning more about the industry.

John keeps up with industry trends and often expresses his opinion in many social media outlets.

John is widely recognized as an industry expert within the world of social media.

He truly gets the media industry - how it really works and what really makes it run - in a way that few people do.

He is a seasoned media professional and highly respected by everyone in the industry.

John is the consummate media professional and the standard for which many in him industry should follow.

He's passionate about the media industry and recognizes that we have to be willing to take calculated risks to stay relevant.

He can easily adapt to the different industries and clients and grasps well the intent of the media vehicle.

He committed himself to the digital media industry over a decade ago and has never wavered.

John is, without doubt, one of the digital media industry's great thinkers and linkers.

John is well connected and knows all the industry players- both individuals as well as media companies and solutions providers.

Coming in with little previous media knowledge, the pace with which he grew and understood the industry was remarkable.

John has always shown a great knowledge of the media industry and will recommend changes if they are needed.

Frankly, everyone in the media industry should have a big rock to decide who gets to work with him most.

His media knowledge is superb and always has great ideas when approaching different industry verticals.

He has shared his own encyclopedia of media and music industry knowledge with him.

He has an excellent understanding of the media, proven by his success in delivering extensive, top-tier media coverage across a variety of industries.