Media Relations Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Media Relations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is a media relations expert, excellent people manager and he's committed to exceptional results.
They know his motives are always related to what's in their best interests.
People relate very well to him and he is always engaging with others.
Needless to say, his media relations skills and contacts are second to none and an all-round great stakeholder manager.
The one thing that he is known for is keeping good relation and continuing the relations even after he has left the company.
The ferocious and determined manner in which he approached media relations was proof that he would never take no for an answer.
Definitely his number one choice for any media related legal problem.
It's very easy to relate with him and he's always available to cooperate.
John also build upon the positive relations that the management had with the union.
John provides great advice on topics like reputation management, media relations and public perception.
We still continue our relationship and you are sure to get his help on anything at any time.
And it doesn't matter where you're from or how you dressed - he's somehow relatable to everyone in the audience.
He's relatable and can instantly make you feel like you've known him for years.
It is easy for anyone to relate to him and he will make them feel comfortable.
Recommend him to any computer/server related position without any hesitation.
What really made him stand out, however, was his ability to relate to others.
What's more, he was always able to relate the lessons to us as individuals.
He can relate to different cultures and his acumen can be enlightening.
Please contact him should you have any queries in relation to the above.
This is directly related to his desire to hire the best and brightest.
He relates to his audiences because their struggles have been hers.
He always finds a way to relate, and will go out of his way to help.
He also optimal relations with everybody and always ready to help.
John is very impressed with how he is able to relate to others.
John's contribution to the panel was insightful and relatable.
Obviously his ability to easily relate to others is contagious.
Customers relate very well to him down-to-earth, honest nature.
His compassion for others is evident in how he relates to them.
John has many examples to show us in relation to him subject.
John is able to have fun and relate easily to others and he has incorporated this into his management style.
He truly understands the value of blogger relations and is an experienced new media professional.
He created new and diverse approaches to media relations in the organization where we served together.
His relations with the media and the ability to close things make him great to work with.
John has always been professional with him or any of his country managers he was in relation with.
His personality is very good to manage relations with all kinds of managers and peers.
He is articulate and motivating; he is well-spoken yet relatable.
He uses humor that keeps you engaged and that you can relate to.
John is a polished professional in the area of media relations.
John's approach to public relations, and especially media relations, is strategically at the highest levels.
His media relations skills were helpful in managing the PR for our activities.
Not to mention went above and beyond to answer his related and un-related questions throughout his time knowing him.
John brings a great level of media relations capabilities to the table.
He will continue to be one of his sources to seek out for any management related questions.
He also is very knowledgeable about media relations and is able to facilitate the best coverage possible in all situations.
He makes the complex task of strategic media relations look easy when it is anything but.
John managed all aspects of the campaign from creative to media buying.
He would not do anything else unless it's related to the goals that we wanted to achieve.
He can relate to all different people, whether they be beneath him or above him.
Whatever we asked about, he would try to help, even if it wasn't directly related to the purchase.
He also will always respond to requests, a courtesy which seems to be lacking amongst too many media relations people.
Several of his team have gone on to successful media management careers.