Media Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Media Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Launching media campaigns in short term conditions is one of his several skills.
He's very skilled at coming up with new creative and matching it with the right media.
He also has top notch media skills and is someone you always want on your team.
Writing, social media, media relations and conducting webinars are among his many skills.
More importantly, he's got the skills to give it all the media spotlight it so rightfully deserves.
He also has great drawing and illustration skills which he utilises well across platforms & media.
John's skill at delivering opportunities in the media is frankly, nothing short of remarkable.
Outside of his media skills he is very hands on, and ready to connect with new people.
Him social media skills are dazzling, how he can do so many things at once is remarkable.
John's social media skills are clearly what separates him from the pack.
John social media skills are at the forefront of his success.
He's versatile and multi-skilled in all areas of journalist and media.
He is incredible at what he does and has a true skill for getting the best out of the media for his clients.
You should not hesitate to tap his skills to increase the media presence of your organization.
John's skill in understanding new media makes him extremely valuable to his clients.
His multi-media skills and out of the box thinking is really remarkable.
His communication skill and understanding about different media is commendable.
He also has great rhetorical skills, which he uses to set his questions on the agenda among colleagues as well as in the media.
Him online media skills are surpassed only by his desire to be excellent at what he does.
He possesses exceptional media pitching skills, both through email and over the phone.
But in all seriousness, he has the skills and understanding of exactly how to use social media to the best of your advantage.
John also has great skill and experience when it comes to media relations.
His passion for social media is contagious and his skills numerous.
He should be running his own technology or media company with these types of skills.
His collaborative leadership skills are just the right touch for digital media.
This has seen his digital media skill set grow over the past year.
With his vast media connections and relationships, he knows the in-and-out of how you can get media exposure instantly.
John not only gained skills for himself in this new media environment, he shared his knowledge with others.
His knowledge of media is unsurpassed and his problem solving skills are second to known.
Beyond that, he has old-school editing skills that would be helpful at any media outlet.
His strength does not only lies in print media, but new media as well.
His knowledge of social media and skills the skills he taught him have paid big dividends.
He provides thorough and probing briefs and is a skilled evaluator of creative and media.
John came up with some great media strategies and then went on and negotiated even more amazing media deals.
He uses and advises on the use of electronic media and communications with skill.
His ability to instill confidence and honed media skills over one to two days is outstanding.
His writing skills are extraordinary which allows him to be so dynamic in social media.
Him social media skills, writing and photography are just terrific.
Attendees leave his seminars feeling confident about their abilities to handle the media and eager to try their new skills.
That, combined with his increasingly expanded skill set, makes him an asset for any media company.
Him communication skills and perspective go way beyond visual media.
Most obviously, he has the required social media skills to get the job done.
His ability to teach and his skills in social media are remarkable.
He not only understands the various and fastest growing media channels, but also the skills necessary to be successful in those areas.
Not only is he incredibly skilled in all things social media, but he has a huge heart.
John occasionally helped with social media, which truly shows his skill and flexibility.
John's journalism, blogging and social media skills are top notch.
Him media relations skills and decades of experience are outstanding.
John is a skilled and enthusiastic online media professional.
First, his writing skills and how they interface with corporate media are of great value.
His skills and expertise in digital media has been always insightful and results driven.
John understands interactive media and can work in those areas with great skill.
John has strong relationship skills and the media trusted him, so he was able to get the story out.
His skill and knowledge in media relations was always relevant and helpful.