Mentoring Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Mentoring Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

A strategic thinker in the industry, he has been a great mentor in his transition to this industry.
He helped him tremendously and his future in this industry looks brighter because of his mentoring.
He contributes to the industry as a mentor and friend to other speakers.
He makes everyone around him better and is always there to help and mentor colleagues.
John went above and beyond to mentor himself and the company.
John is one of his mentors when it comes to entrepreneurship.
John is his mentor and he is a mentor to hundreds (thousands?) of others.
He's both his mentor and friend, and it's just great to learn from the best in the industry.
John's commitment and enthusiasm towards connecting and mentoring others would translate well into many other industries.
His wisdom in the industry helps to mentor others in this virtual profession.
He mentors students in the meetings industry and helps them learn how to navigate the industry.
He always makes himself available for mentoring and guidance.
He understands the speaking industry and knows how to mentor new and existing speakers.
He is his mentor and taught him the ins and outs of the publishing industry.
John also has taken the time to lend his expertise and mentor those up and coming in his industry.
He is very helpful as he mentored us in each and every aspect of it and provided us with a contact from within the industry we were trying to disrupt.
John mentors young and old as they've navigated through the fast-changes in across a range of industries.
John quickly went from a contact within the industry with a mentor to him.
He speaks and mentors from industry experience rather than cliches.
John seems to excel by just doing the right things and to help others along as a mentor.
He is the best at what he do and an honor to have him as his mentor and his friend.
We don't know when he became his mentor, but it was purely through his action.
John would be the best mentor and comes with his heartfelt recommendation.
The first thing that comes to mind is that he is an unparalleled mentor.
He achieved what seemed impossible, he has been one of his best mentors.
Definitely one of those mentors that add value with his mentorship.
It is no wonder that so many consider him both a mentor and friend.
This will also be of great help to him in his mentoring assignments.
He taught us to do so, too, and his mentoring has been invaluable.
John pushed him to want more for himself and was an excellent mentor.
We are really glad that we had him on board as one of the mentors.
John also helped to mentor him, which was useful for his progression, .
One could always reach out to him and he would listen and mentor.
When it comes to mentoring, he has all the patience in the world.
Work with this guy or get mentored by him if you have the chance.
John takes mentoring very seriously both up and down the ladder.
John welcomed him, mentored him, and they are now collaborating.
You are truly one of his favorite friends/colleagues/and mentors.
He always brought the best out of all the mentors and mentees.
He is not only his mentor, but he has become an amazing friend.
John is a mentor for himself as well as many other teammates.
He will always be his mentor, his confidant and his best friend.
John will be your conscience and mentor to keep you on track.
Your mentoring has meant so much to him, thanks for everything.
This is not true, he mentored him - it just was not an option.
He makes it his point to know you, so that he can mentor you.
Always thankful for everything he has imparted as his mentors.
He is also his mentor who has guided him on various occasions.
John is not just another colleague for him, he is one of his mentors.
He has had some wonderful mentors along the way, and he has been a good mentor to many others.
John's industry experience, coupled with his dedication, made him the ideal mentor.
He always mentored him and helped him learn the ropes in a whole new industry.
John to be a part of any mentoring capacity in academia or industry.
John is a great mentor to him and if anyone is seeking an industry expert, he is his first referral.
All his interactions with him were very pleasant, and he was a great mentor in a new industry.
John mentored and provided the right guidance so everyone did their best.
Self sufficient and reliable he is always willing to help and mentor.
Always willing to help, he was an indispensable member and mentor.
Gained lots from him and still prefer/wish that he is our mentor.
His expertise in the entertainment industry is second to none, and his willingness to mentor is what makes him stand out among his peers.