Negotiation Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Negotiation Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His communication skills in particular his persuasion and negotiation skills were outstanding.

Him strength are interpersonal skills, communication and negotiation skills.

He is also very skilled in negotiation, as his position required him to negotiate with numerous vendors.

John also has very sharp negotiating skills and used those skills to gain competitive advantages to other competitors with suppliers.

He has tremendous negotiation skills and he strives for the best in whatever he undertakes.

John showed good negotiation skilled has well and has always been available when needed.

There is no one arguably better that can compare to his negotiation and convincing skills.

His negotiating skills are outstanding, you can rely on him to get the best deal.

I always found him extremely professional with excellent negotiating skills.

John is detail oriented with strong negotiation skills and pleasant interpersonal skills.

His problem solving skills, negotiating skills & mitigating the given risk is amazing.

He's a skilled negotiator who can quickly set priorities and negotiate along the way.

He not only has good communication skills, but also excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills.

He has great negotiating skills, great communication skills and is trustworthy.

John is highly organized and skilled at all that he does, including negotiations.

His subject matter expertise is not limited to, his skill sets; it stretches to other soft skills like negotiations.

John has good skills in influencing, negotiation and following through on tasks.

He has strong negotiation skills, but it does not ever feel like he is being aggressive or overpowering.

He has great leadership and negotiation skills and always looking for new opportunities and ventures.

His interpersonal and negotiation skills are complemented by his ability to ask the right questions.

His ability to negotiate amongst the various stakeholders was very skilled and highly appreciated.

He will hold firm where appropriate and use his considerable negotiation skills where required.

He had just the right blend of strong negotiating skills, responsiveness and leadership.

His negotiation skills, particularly on large, complex, transactions are second to none.

He is also very receptive to all kinds of opinion and has very good negotiation skills.

He has also shown great negotiating skills when it comes to prioritizing requirements.

John's splendid negotiation skills makes every opponent wishing they were on his side.

He has charisma, with great selling skills that he uses effectively in negotiations.

His negotiation skills are sharp and he comes across as a very polished individual.

John is passionate about success and has superior leadership and negotiation skills.

He has good negotiation skills when things are burning, and is always in a good mood.

He did turn some disastrous situations around with his uncanny negotiation skills.

John has excellent negotiation skills and the ability to see the 'big picture'.

He also has a very good negotiation skills and know how to solve all problems.

His organization and negotiation skills help him deliver outstanding results.

His strategic procurement skill as well as negotiation skill is worth appreciating.

He has a broad range of both knowledge and skills, as well as being a skilled and diplomatic negotiator.

His negotiation skills were on display many times and he always came thru with flying colors.

His skills in engagement and negotiation are helpful to get more insights of the opportunity.

He has excellent negotiating skills, which been employed to reach the best for both parties.

He took so much of the stress off of us with expert negotiation skills and solid advice.

I also found him to have great organizing and negotiation skills when bottlenecks occur.

He has great negotiation skills and he always delivered what was promised on time.

He has excellent people skills coupled with negotiation skills that result in win-win situations.

John proved himself very knowledgeable of the law and skillful in negotiating.

He has very good customer interface skills, strong negotiating skills and follows up diligently.

He has excellent negotiation skills, customer handling and problem solving skills.

John is quite a diplomat and seems to be quite skilled in the art of negotiation.

His dedication, problem solving skills, negotiation skills and tenacity were demonstrated regularly and greatly appreciated.

He has excellent negotiation and persuasion skills and goes about his job without much fuss.

He negotiated great offers for me and provided the jobs suitable exactly for my skills.

I have seen him demonstrate excellent negotiating skills in challenging circumstances.

He is very thorough and a skilled negotiator; he will ensure you achieve your goals.

His calm and persuasive negotiation skills were paradigm in our cooperation.

He also worked with me on negotiation skills, enabling me to have successful outcomes in salary negotiations.

He demonstrated leadership and an extraordinary skill to influence others without authority, using negotiation and motivation skills.

He is a skilled and creative negotiator who has successfully completed many difficult negotiations.

I was impressed with his negotiation skills in our first meeting, polite but persuasive.

He's an experienced negotiator and sales manager with many other corporate skills.

His skill at negotiating with vendors/contractors was exceptional and he really pushed them to overdeliver while not overpaying.