Networking Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Networking Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is a great network there is no one he does not know or that don't know and respect him across many industries.
John's extensive network and willingness to connect others is what sets him apart from others in his industry.
Professor's industry networks and positive influence over them comes from his create something new everyday.
John's network of contacts is one of the best in the industry and his ability to add value unparalleled.
His ideas on podcasting and networking are well thought out and can be applied to any industry.
Him unequivocal ability to network and adapt within the industry is what made him successful.
He's fun to be around with, and has a big network of friends from different industries.
John's also a great Networker of the industry, so it always helps to keep in touch.
With his natural ability to network, the search industry is exactly where he belongs.
His exceptional networking ability has earned him many friends in the industry.
Him network is incredible and his ethics put him at the top of the industry.
His large network of connections is extremely beneficial to this industry.
And his vast and deep network of industry contacts is unmatched.
He keeps his pulse on the state of the performance network industry.
He created social network referrals through our industry speaker's large network.
John network well in the industry and will always do his best to complete that tasks given.
On top of this, his network in the industry that he can leverage sets him apart.
His network runs deep and thorough within the hospitality industry.
His knowledge of the marketplace was incredible and he is very well networked throughout the industry.
Lastly, he is well networked and brings very useful industry relationships with him.
John knows his industry is constantly expanding his knowledge and network.
John understands networking and the fact that people are different in their network needs.
It has allowed him to expand his network and help other people expand their network.
John has his finger on the pulse of the industry and has an endless network of industry leaders that he can draw from.
His network within the industry is far reaching and he will always help anyone with a need to achieve their goals.
Him network of industry contacts is very impressive and he is well respected amongst his peers.
He's got a great network and knows most of the people that matter in this industry.
He established his own network of experts in the automotive industry.
Also, one of his biggest advantages is that he has an excellent network of experts in the industry, by whom he is truly appreciated.
This has allowed him to venture into numerous industries with his variety of networks and capabilities.
The depths and reach of his network within our industry have never failed to impress him.
His industry expertise and network of contacts was immensely valuable in this role.
It is no surprise that his network covers a wide range of industries.
His ability to network and be "real" are unique in our industry.
He will help you to learn networking from scratch and will make you a networking expert.
John's network of clients and industry people is unsurpassed.
That, and his deep industry expertise, experience and large network.
John is one of the best networks, he is even a master Networker and he can inspire others to higher levels of achievement in the network and even with more success.
He's known throughout the industry for his networking, professionalism and mentoring.
By networking with known and undiscovered experts in the industry, he kept us away from areas where we had no chance to penetrate.
He knows this industry inside out, have the network of traffic that has really helped monetized his campaigns.
He also has an incredible network within the digital industry, he knows just about everyone.
Him industry insights and extensive network of contacts made him an exceptional journalist.
His network within the industry makes him one of the first reference points for any new recruitments.
His network also awesome, connecting with most of important people in the industry.
His network across the industry is amazing and one that keeps growing day by day.
John's extensive network reflects his integrity and the value he contributes to the industry.
His applied knowledge of networking is and always has been a benchmark for the industry.
His knowledge of the industry and his network of colleagues and collaborators are vast.
His networking ability is phenomenal and so is the currency of his industry knowledge.
He does this using his extensive knowledge and strong network of industry contacts.
John's passion for networking and communication is matched by few in the industry.
John's industry knowledge and networking capabilities are extremely impressive.
John's knowledge of and network within the franchise industry is unparalleled.
With such an extensive network him ability to connect with the right people in the industry is second to none.
His reputation in the toy industry is irrefutable and his network of partners is second to none.
John's approach to networking is seamless connecting so many industries and people together.
John's endless network of industry contacts refreshed our external collaborations.
John has an amazing network of people in a wide variety of industries.
Additionally, his network within the industry was very helpful in aggregating and using best practices from other studios.