Networking Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Networking Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Him networking and people skills help him in being effective in new challenges.

John is the consummate Networker but more importantly, he is very effective at teaching others how to improve their networking skills.

John is one of those who are always in the know and has an enormous amount of contacts through his admirable networking skills.

Him networking skills are second to none & the ability to look beyond him deliverables is what makes him stand out.

God has provided him with not only superior networking skills, but also the gift to help and guide millions.

He has excellent networking skills and will not let you forget him once you get introduced to him.

I am really impressed about his natural skills for networking and him willingness to help others.

He exhibits excellent leadership skills and really connect well with all who are in his network.

Him diverse interests and networking skills will make him one to watch over the next few years.

John is an energetic go getter who uses his persuasion and networking skills to the hilt.

I have known him for more than a year now and his skills as a Networker are extraordinary.

John's knowledge of networking skills has taught me more than any book that you could buy.

His networking skills are top notch and he is always willing to help us out in a pinch.

Using his skills, networks and ideas he has added value to the exhibition in many ways.

His skills in networking are nothing short of exceptional and astonishingly effective.

His perpetual networking skills are beneficial to all that he comes in contact with.

He is extremely well-connected and his networking skills are absolutely the best.

John has an extraordinary interpersonal skills and an unbelievable wide network.

He has great networking skills and is committed to delivering on his promises.

He is good at interpersonal skills and has great networking within and beyond.

Him networking skill and the ability to foresee future are really appreciable.

I have enormous respect for him exceptional networking and leadership skills.

He is a tireless volunteer as well as an inspiring Networker but, more than that, he uses his networking skills to benefit others rather than to only be self-serving.

He is a valuable person to network to know with him strong networking skills and hundreds of contacts.

He is an adept, skilled Networker with great interpersonal skills, which makes him an excellent recruiter.

I have learned many things from him and he has provided me with many opportunities to hone my skills in networking.

John is always learning and his networking skills are another thing that sets him apart from the masses.

His social networking skills go above and beyond what he described in his resume.

He has impeccable planning skills & in terms of networking knows exactly how to mobilize a network to help others.

I consider him as an expert in network infrastructure designing and other network skills.

His communication and analytical skills are excellent, and he is skilled at networking with outside experts.

He has the ability to think both globally and locally and uses his networking skills wisely.

His abilities to network with others as well as his conflict resolution skills are superb.

He has impressive networking skills and an equally impressive network of local and international contacts.

His greatest skill, though is his amazing interpersonal skills - he his quick witted, funny, and a great Networker.

His superior people and networking skills were particularly contributory in getting results.

He is well-known for his strong networking skills and can quickly connect with people.

He also has the ability to bring people together using his advanced networking skills.

He has good networking and negotiation skills which is requisite of this profile.

John seems to make friends everywhere, and his people, networking skills amaze me.

Keys to his success are his exceptional people skills and ability to network.

One of his key strengths is his networking skills (look at his connections).

His ideas and expertise have helped me develop my network and networking skills.

He works hard to help his teammates have the skills and knowledge needed to become skilled metalworkers.

His experiences and entertaining anecdotes really helped explain the psychology of networking and how everyone can hone their networking skills.

John is amazing with him networking skills, helping to bring others out of their shell at social networking gatherings.

Not only he has outstanding communication and network skills, but he also helps others to build the network.

He has excellent networking skills and there is nothing, that he finds impossible when it comes to fulfilling commitments.

His interpersonal and networking skills opened new unexplored opportunities for us, both inside and outside the company.

His networking skills and true passion for others are the characteristics that make him great at what he does.

John uses his own background, skills well whilst having an extensive network of contacts to draw on when needed.

John has also strong interpersonal skills which enable him to quickly connect and get value from him network.

His strong networking skills definitely stood out and will be beneficial in adding value to his organization.

Furthermore, he has also showcased outstanding interpersonal skills through his networks in hall committee.

His skills, insights, networks and capital are exactly what we need to take that step up to the next level.

I am happy to see many expand his horizon and his networking skills will serve him well in his new employ.

He adapts to new conditions & changes very quickly and is extremely well-versed in his networking skills.

He was energetic and enthusiastic and used his fantastic networking skills to explore new opportunities.

Him networking skills, him flair to make everyone comfortable, yet firm and articulate down to the core.

He is incredibly enthusiastic, always "thinks out of the box" and has second to none networking skills.