Online Marketing Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Online Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He understands and knows how to take advantage of all online marketing channels.

John really gets how online marketing fits into the bigger integrated marketing picture.

He truly is an online marketing expert and can handle a multi-tiered online marketing strategy and deliver.

John knows absolutely everyone in the online marketing world and he is always there when you need an introduction or advice.

You would do well to join him and allow him to guide you through the confusing maze of online marketing.

He's always aware of marketing and online tendencies, and always looking forward to be one step ahead.

John is so dedicated to helping others in online marketing, and it shows in everything he does.

He provided in-depth coverage of the online marketing and the results were right on the target.

John's holistic approach to online marketing is what truly sets him apart from the crowd.

His conversations with him always helped him understand more about the online marketing space.

He also understands how to optimize the intersection between online and offline marketing.

He knows the book market extraordinarily well and he has exceptional online contacts.

If you need to get more out of your marketing efforts online he is the man to talk to.

John gets affiliate marketing, and clearly understands what makes online shoppers buy.

John can hold his own in online marketing and doesn't seem to sweat the small stuff.

On top of this he also took on the vast majority of our online marketing efforts.

Recently, he was the featured speaker at an online seminar on email marketing.

In fact - that's his whole premise, results through online marketing exposure.

He's a seasoned online marketer and would recommend him without hesitation.

Also, he is good at creating new ideas and techniques for online marketing.

He makes it look easy and truly knows how to market your property online.

John would make a strong addition to any online marketing initiative.

He addressed our online marketing class with truly brilliant insights.

His insight into online marketing and e-commerce is outstanding.

Along with being a strong marketer, he is an approachable manager and always manages to foster positive discussions.

His online marketing background is impressive as he manages extremely well the different sources of online advertising.

He's your man if you want a no bullshit view of online marketing and marketing generally.

He trained him and taught him everything there was to know about online marketing.

He knows how to put together an online marketing strategy and how to squeeze maximum value out of a marketing channel.

Thanks to him, we exchanged a lot of tips about marketing, online management, and so on.

John's background in list management and email marketing was key to much of the growth in our email marketing initiatives.

John's vision in online marketing and the ability to translate that vision into successful marketing campaigns is what truly sets him apart from other web marketers.

In the end, his class tied together the many different areas of online marketing together.

He's one to watch for in the world of online journalism and interactive marketing.

John knows the online market very well and is also up-to-speed on technology.

He lives, what he preaches, which is rare in the world of online marketing.

His ability to market globally both online and through other various marketing strategies is exceptional and he is an asset to any organisation.

John is hired to replace several other marketing efforts and he has proven himself and his online marketing techniques to be invaluable.

John's background in traditional marketing management disciplines, with an open mind for online experimentation, ensures that he stays at the forefront of modern marketing.

His unique knowledge of online and offline marketing makes him an asset in any marketing organization.

But his fortitude, enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for online marketing is the best recipe to become an inspired, motivated and great online marketer.

John will tell you the right way to market your business online.

The marketing challenges he has put before us have raised the bar on what can be done in the international online marketing space.

His knowledge of online marketing for him was great in addition to his own traditional marketing knowledge.

He knows so many people and has been around the online marketing world that it will blow your mind.

There are so many online marketing people whose mindset is "what's in it for him.

He's savvy in the ways of online marketing-both in using them and teaching them.

He understands all parts of the marketing and understands the value that marketing brings to an organisation.

He digs deep to online marketing performance variables and make sure to maximise results from all marketing levers.

While his focus is on blogging and online marketing, there is much to be learned about traditional marketing as well.

He also provided tips for our online career marketing campaign.

Maybe its because you realise he's not just a good online marketer, but a damn good marketer full stop.

If you talk to guy, it's very apparent that he is on the ball when it comes to the online marketing world.

His expertise in using traditional marketing to acquire new online players is second to none.

John helped him with his online marketing strategy and really helped him think outside of the box.

The value and insight he contributes to any online marketing challenge is immediately felt.

He is a savvy marketer - both on-ground and online - and is passionate about what he does.

In addition to more traditional approaches, he is well versed in online and viral marketing.

He knows how to create online marketing strategies that are effective but not intrusive.

He is able to diagnose his website and online marketing and take it to the next level.