Operational Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Operational Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is the best example of "beauty with brain", he got excellent interpersonal skill and is very co-operative.
Using these skills, he was able to accomplish much, sometimes in difficult operational circumstances.
His leadership skills are clearly apparent across multinational theatres of operation.
His operational skills and his sensitivity to the marketplace are refreshingly acute.
John's combination of operational and selling skills were invaluable to him.
He also has the professional skills to back up operational excellence.
Particularly acknowledgeable his skills in operating within complex environments and in organization.
John operated one of the most successful areas with great skill and vision.
John's operational knowledge and skills are of the highest caliber.
His negotiation skills were essential during the periodic discussions with other operators.
He has effective listening skills and brings about collaboration and participation in the way he operates.
His skills and abilities are far ranging from operational excellence to natural leadership.
John established the governance and operations model for this new organisation with skill.
With his excellent operational skill you will never find any assignment left incomplete.
However, as a leader, his strongest skill is how he operates.
His operational acumen, leadership skills, character / integrity and interpersonal skills were without peer.
His organizational skills always made certain the utmost in the operational efficiency of the organization.
John's communication skills combined with operational and leadership skills truly makes him a distinguished entrepreneur.
His people skills and knowledge of operations is commendable.
One thing that sets him apart from anyone else, is his keen hands-on operations skill/s that corresponds with best of standard.
His operational skill set is strong and his coworkers look to him for guidance and input.
He can think and operate strategically and operationally, which in itself is a very rare skill.
John's skills enable him to move between strategic and operational perspectives.
His skill set was well balanced between operational and strategic capabilities.
He has a wide range of skills, both operational and strategic.
John is an exceptionally personable and skilled cafe operator.
His outward demeanour of calmness and affable nature masks his quick brain and sharp operator operating skills.
His networking skills with various stakeholders of the operation are exemplary.
His excellent technical skills and operations skills make him a valuable asset.
His organizational skills, vision and leadership has shined in all aspects of operations.
He took the time to learn about the needs of his operation and the skills required to succeed.
John operates with skill and professionalism in all tasks undertaken.
Him superior managerial skills keep laboratory operations efficient.
John's expertise and leadership skills would make any company a success in operations and profitability.
His leadership and collaborative skills allow him to be a solid operator and stay ahead of his numbers.
Him excellent interpersonal skills ensure that he can operate at many levels within an organisation.
He also has excellent issue resolution skills and can operate successfully at all levels.
His strategy and operational expertise are at the highest skill level.
A skilled operator that is dedicated and committed to the success of the organization and his people.
Because of his skill set and experiences, he has the unique ability to operate within various roles.
His operational skills are a great learning opportunity for those around him.
John brings significant skills in the finance and operations arenas.
He always operates in a very thoughtful, professional and skillful manner.
Add to that his superb operations skills, writing ability, and wonderful sense of humor.
Even though he is a skilled recruiter, he also has a knack for operations.
John's skills impressed him when we worked together on complex operational changes.
Inherent strengths in relationship Mgmt and operations skills make him stand out.
If more operators had his skill and knowledge, the world would be a safer place.
His calm, focused, and strategic approach makes him a skilled operator.
His hard work and skills in operations also deserve a mention.
Next to this he was always able to apply his operational skills to lead with an example.
But his skills to become very creative and remain calm in a very intense operation.
He operated with meticulous planning and organisational skill - an all round 'good guy'.
John knows first hand the skills and savvy needed to operate at the top of the house.
But he also operates independently and is very self motivated.
It is a shame that his company is too small and the scale of our operations limited to take advantage of his skills.
John's firm operates with seamless cohesion with all the lawyers possessing complementing skill sets.
Throughout he has been a calm and pragmatic operator, combining the wisdom of extensive experience with the operational skills to get things done and deliver results.
He worked for him in a strategic area, but proved already back then that he had operational skills.
John has excellent communication skills and he is dedicated to the operation at hand.