Operations Team Leader LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Operations Team Leader Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He really is an asset to any team that is lucky enough have him as their leader.

John also worked hard to help other leaders also be better leaders.

An excellent leader who knows how to get best from his team by keeping them motivated.

For him, he has always been an example of a leader, motivating and defending his team.

His commitment to his team and the organization set him apart from other leaders.

Him into an effective leader that is known for encouraging and motivating his team.

He also great at influencing teams and leaders towards the right outcomes.

At the same time, he's a well-liked and well-respected leader of his team.

John is not only a great leader for his team, he was also an innovator.

Nevertheless to say he was a very good leader & motivator to the team.

He volunteered to be our team leader, and responsibly took his role.

John is an energetic and conscientious team member and leader.

Over the time, he has also shaped himself into a fine team leader.

John provides confidence to division leaders that our operations are running at the best possible standards.

This to him is the balance that great leaders understand and operate with.

John is an honest team leader who acted as a part of the team and not as if he was above it.

A resilient team leader who will add value to any team that he becomes a part of.

John contributes significantly to the successes of our organization as both a thought leader as well as team leader.

Led teams and he has shown to be assertive, hands-on leader, dynamic and achievement focused leader.

His natural style is to operate as a servant leader supporting and unblocking his teams to operate at their best.

Needless to say, the engagement scores for his teams are higher than most teams.

John's team was the best team among others and it was even like a family.

A great team motivator who is always willing to listen and help his team.

Overall, he kept the team motivated and made the team feel successful.

Working with him on various projects, he is both an excellent team leader and team player.

His teams were high performing teams and often led the way for operations excellence.

He is always thinking of what's next for the team and how can he take the operation to the next level.

His interim leadership and demeanor were what keeps the team together and the operation running.

Along the journey he is upskilling the team and defining how they operate appropriately.

John's contribution to the culture and operations of this team have been of great value.

He understands the business's operation and his team, and plays to their strengths.

First, he was his go to contractor of choice when his team was operating at capacity.

He excels at establishing and running operations and building/developing teams.

Strong operations background meant we could rely on him and his team to deliver.

He enjoys teaming up with all sides of the operation in pursue of excellence.

John and the team are a straight to the point, no nonsense operation.

John ensured that our team operated on trust, honesty and ownership.

His team was also very easy to deal with on an operational level.

He runs a very smooth operation and he is admired by his team.

He's both an organizational leader and also a thought leader.

He is a very good team leader that wherever he is involved, his team or organization would definitely by happy and successful.

As a team leader, he is willing to share his initiatives with team members other than being dominant and arrogant.

John always contributes vigorously to the efforts of the team, whether as a leader or a team member.

In his team meetings where you can witness a quiet but impactful leader who allows his team to shine.

He will be a great asset to any team, either as a team member or leader.

John is a true leader, he operates with vision and passion to supercharge his teams to hit the numbers.

In terms of team working, he is one of those you always need in your team.

He always delivers his knowledge within a team and outside of the team.

John consistently demonstrates all of this and for this he would make an excellent leader in any team.

Beyond that, he is an impressive team leader who always gets the job done.

During his days as a team leader, he was the one who guided him all along.

Not only has he been a key player on our team, but also our leader.

And very important he is very close and helpful leader of his team.

He is the consummate team builder and is an inspirational leader.

A leader by example and mentor to his teams as well as his peers.

He is involved yet empowers his team leaders to do their job.

John is well liked and easily understood by his financial team and the operations team alike.

He knows what he wants and has a vision for how his teams should operate and function.

John team would be lucky to have a designer and leader like him on their team.

John is a team player and works towards nurturing his team to enable everyone in the team to be successful.