People Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

People Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

But the main skill what makes him unique among the rest is his people's skill, he is always there in the time of your need.

He is an astute observer of leadership skills and he uses the skill to match people and organizations.

John's people skills, especially his great listening skills, really helped them understand our motives.

Many people may claim to have these skills, but his people skills show him to be a star in his book.

He has people skills that are second to none and he could help his people to showcase their abilities, often far beyond what they thought they had.

His people skills and him the ability to connect from people everywhere are nothing short of amazing.

John connects with people naturally and his people skills are one of his great strengths.

John never forgot about broadening his people skills and promoting the best people.

He uses his great people skills to quickly get people on side and on their mettle.

Highly recommended for people oriented roles for his superb people skills.

With his unique people skills he is able to get people moving and going.

He talks to people, not at people, which is a great skill to have.

His communication skills are exemplary and can only be matched by his people skills.

His communication skills and people skills are par excellence.

He knows well how to use best of people's skills and experience.

John's has skill and drive that is far above, many people in his profession.

John has the skill and passion to influence many many people.

His people skills are excellent and his team appreciates his leadership skills.

His dedication, broad skill set along with his excellent people skills has taken him to higher plains.

He used his skills to locate people with the right skill sets needed to fill the open positions.

He breezed through all of them, especially in the people skills department.

You will certainly be impressed with his organizational and people skills.

What this demonstrated to him above all are him marvelous people skills.

His people skills make that he gets things done in good cooperation.

His people skills and "soft skills" have been of the highest quality.

John's people skills are second to none and was well liked with all that were fortunate to come in contact with him.

Nothing but positives has come from the people that have used him and his follow up skills are second to none.

Besides, he has tremendous interpersonal skills and gets along very well with people of different backgrounds.

He possesses virtuoso skills of getting the best out of people and he has definitely done this for him.

He's people skills and dedication to the well being of those within his company is second to none.

His leadership skills were honed at getting people to do things they did not think were possible.

His people skills are amazing and he always follows through and makes sure everything is on track.

To him, he is an entrepreneur's entrepreneur and he does this via his extraordinary people skills.

From there he is phenomenal at seeing how different people and skill can be mutually beneficial.

John has such people skills that he can make a conversation with anyone, and make new friends.

He's energetic and enthusiastic and people around can't help but have their skills elevated.

His soft skills are magnificent and one of his tricks for getting the best from the people.

He has outstanding people skills and is enthusiastic in everything in which he is involved.

Quick on his feet and great people skills and always willing to help out when it is needed.

He also has very good people skills and is well-liked and well-respected by his coworkers.

John exceeds in everything he does, his ability to connect with people is his best skill.

His interpersonal and skills are extraordinary and he can bring out the best in people.

John treasures his role in bringing together the right people with the right skills.

He's definitely the one with people skill and that always happily helping you out.

John's greatest skill, though is understanding people and how we are all different.

John's people skills and willingness to help others are his strongest attributes.

John has the smarts and the people skills to be successful at anything he chooses.

His people skills are incredibly good; always trying to get everyone to consensus.

John will always will carry people with him through good interpersonal skills.

Creativity shines through him skills and he is passionate about helping people.

His people skills are exceptional and he always understands the whole picture.

His passion to help others and his listening skills, inspire the best in people.

With his background, passion and people skills he has everything going for him.

John provides an environment for people to grow their skills and capabilities.

But what makes here not just good, but great, is him excellent people skills.

He has an amazing skill of connecting with people, both upwards and downwards.

John possesses the skills that will make both people and companies succeed.

Unfortunately for competing agencies, he's also got people skills to boot.

Through his leadership skills he is able to bring out the best in people.

As others have mentioned, him people and leadership skills are remarkable.