Performance Management LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Performance Management Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His management style is such that you want to perform at your best for him, you want to be successful.

He often challenged his managers to perform better, even when it seemed impossible.

Great individual, truly performs, could not manage without him.

He manages well upwards and downwards and is a solid performer.

He managed to get them to perform every week, and every month.

He maintains an exemplary level of performance as both the manager, and the managed.

He has been a top performer as both a manager and an individual performer everywhere he goes.

Considering it was really his first exposure to being a manager, his performance was extraordinary.

John is a great manager, he makes sure you have everything you need to perform at your best.

He performed very well under the pressure and managed to succeed despite the circumstances.

John has been an out-standing performer and taken challenges in all the roles he managed.

John manages in an environment of performance, commitment and results.

He would perform well at many levels of management- in any company.

And yet, he managed to perform admirably in spite of adversity.

John is a highly energetic manager who inspires performance.

As a manager, he pays attention to the performance of those managed and gives good feedback.

His management abilities are well performed and guidance to others is appreciated.

John inspires, motivates and manages those around him with exceptional performance.

He manages his assignments very well and perform his tasks efficiently.

He managed many tasks at ease and performed all of them successfully.

He is his line manager and directly supervised his performance.

He always performs the best and he will also motivate others to perform their best as well.

He is quite versatile as he can perform equally well as a manager, mentor or individual performer.

John inspires performance and is able to get the best out of the people he manages.

Teams he manages are performing well and deliver results against giving goals.

One key aspect is that he does not micromanage, which helps managers under him perform with confidence.

Over time, he also performed well on dealing with crisis management.

John would offer help and advice whenever requested, whilst doesn't smother you with performance management.

He's very well respected manager who's always challenging and stretching performance at every opportunity.

Due to his performance, we could overcome management expectations and complete many assignments.

John has a natural ability to bring out the best performance with anyone he manages.

His performance earned him accolades from all levels of management.

He differentiated reward and did active performance management.

He's always been a top performer and a well respected manager.

His performance management and change management rules set standards among his colleagues.

The program went from under-performing to over-performing under his watch.

He demands excellent performance from himself as well as the people he managed.

He manages his time well and is disciplined, focused and most of all, consistent with his performance.

John handled meetings and committees with charm and performance, things got done under his management.

A great manager who really helped drive his own performance and achievements.

This is a formidable task which he managed to perform effortlessly.

He manages to engage and guide every attendee to peak performance.

It was great to have such a high performer as one of his managers.

He hasn't only performed all of the tasks we had contracted to perform, but definitely went above what was required.

As his branch manager he was always guiding him and motivating him to better his performance.

We know that the job he performed was done right and that keeps us at ease.

While he has on the job performance has been nothing less than stellar.

He gets people do believe in his vision, and gets them to perform.

John knows how to challenge people to get the best performance.

He does an outstanding job at managing performance as he is straight forward in his approach.

In his role as manager, he challenges people to perform beyond their own expectations.

He successfully manages people who want to excel to perform even better.

Additionally, his approach to managing and driving vendor performance was second to none.

While there he effectively managed his time and diligently performed his task.

He performs time management and multiple task management flawlessly under very tight deadlines.

John's leadership and enthusiasm have always inspired him to perform.

He always delivered top quality candidates, on or before his deadlines, and always performed with very little need to be managed.

He encouraged his colleagues and those he managed to rise to the occasion and perform beyond their capabilities.

John inspires loyalty and performance with his well-honed and insightful management philosophy.

He proactively seeks input and feedback on his own performance to better himself as a manager.