Personal Accountability LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Personal Accountability Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

As an account person, it makes your job much easier having him in your corner.
John is a person that always demonstrated he can be trusted and accountable.
He even volunteered some of his own personal time for the accounts foundation.
We appreciate personal attention he provides to our relatively small account, as well as insight he provides into trends.
John account he took on becomes personal and he will not rest until he has found the best candidate for that role.
He gets to know his accounts personally and tailors his suggestions and responses accordingly.
He accepted personal accountability and challenged others to move forward with conviction.
John took a personal interest in him and his success, as well as our success at the account.
As a personality he has been always trustworthy, loyal, accountable and responsible.
John is a person who leaves his signature on everything he's accountable for.
He enables accountability and vision for each person, which instills hope.
Most of all, he is a good person with true ownership and accountability.
John takes great pride and personal accountability for his results.
John is his go-to person when it comes to accounting software.
He personally ensured that several amazing resumes ended up in his hands and ultimately one of those accountants was the right person for us.
John is a hard working person, he has all the characteristics of an account person in an ad agency.
John really gets him to hold himself personally accountable for daily behaviors.
He followed through and personally ensured that every small detail was taken into account.
If you are looking for an accountant for your personal finances, he is the one to go to.
Combined with his sense of humor, being personable and accountable makes him irreplaceable for any organization.
He is very personable, accountable and seeks to do the absolute best he can for his clients.
He can take ownership, responsibility and accountability and a very reliable person.
John's personal handling of this account has significantly influenced the renewals.
He takes complete ownership of tasks and very accountable people.
John identified specific accounts we wanted to personally review.
John is an accountable person who always meets his commitment and deadline.
Everyone in the accounts he was involved with praise his knowledge and personality.
A person who is accountable for his work and eager to deliver.
John takes personal ownership of all issues, and is someone who is accountable and responsible when the going gets rough.
John brings his vivacious personality to all three and goes above and beyond to keep the accounts active almost constantly.
Words to use to describe him would be personable, responsible, endearing, accountable, and fun to be around.
He also took personal accountability of any issue that arose, and saw to it that a resolution was found.
Once you commit he will hold you accountable and expect you to follow through as he personally does.
He's also very personable with a sense of humour; somewhat rare characteristics in an accountant.
He's always bright, cheery, and his 'go to' person for help with any account, or in any capacity.
The high degree of accountability, he is a person who can be trusted with good responsibilities.
John's ability to balance personal awareness, humor and accountability were exceptional.
John personally handled the larger accounts and was successful year after year.
He showed a personal interest and true ownership of our account(s).
On those accounts, his personality and attitude towards work shall not be second guessed.
What stood out above that was that he followed up with his personal learning goals and keep him accountable.
His accountability and trustworthy makes him a very reliable person in every negotiation.
He is his go-to person in accounting and finance questions, and is always willing to help where needed.
John enabled him to be accountable to his personal and professional commitments.
Great character and very professional and accountable person he is.
He gives us as much or as little help we need at the appropriate times, looking after both our company accounts and personal taxation affairs.
John always took it very personally when we lost accounts and did everything in his power to try and retain them.
He takes personal responsibility for making sure things go right as well as full accountability if they do not.
John "gets" motivation and its components - particularly beliefs, affirmations and personal accountability.
His personable attitude, dedication to his accounts and responsiveness exceeded all of his expectations.
You only have to look at his client list and the accounts he's one to see the calibre of the person.
John really took a personal interest & he is helping him be organized & staying accountable.
He advises taking into account the client's requirements, ability and personality.
John is the kind of client that every account person hopes for.
Always delivers on accountabilities he is given and has an easy going personality to work with.
He definitely takes into account personal needs and will work to find the right match.
In his work he had shown to be diligent, accountable and very responsible person.
His accounting knowledge is an asset that makes him a go to person.
He succeeds in this with sensitivity by responding to the candidate and trying to take his personal goals into account.
He devotes appropriate attention to all responsibilities and builds personal accountability.