Personal Appearance LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Personal Appearance Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He appears to be exemplary of an ethical, driven, personality.

What is most important - he is a person you just want to deal with - great personality with many-many strengths.

We enjoy his personality, his personable attitude and attention to detail.

Yet it was enough for him to realize that he is the person who gets things done, no matter how hard or even impossible they appear.

His sociable personality also shines through him vibrant and friendly appearance.

He also appeared to be a pencil, energetic, and proactive person.

Him sunny, demure personality compliments his striking appearance.

He is still the nice and open minded person he appears to be.

His personable nature enables him to work well across many organizations and with many personalities.

John's personal approach to help motivate his team makes everyone around him a much better person.

He demonstrates great personal integrity and personal loyalty.

John makes things happen and he appears to do this effortlessly.

On a personal level, he the best, so personable and with such a great attitude.

John is a person that is very easy to work with and a person you can trust.

And his work on a personal, one-on-one level, is just that: personal.

His personality and motivated personality serve him well as his continued successes clearly demonstrate.

Mentoring people were clearly a personal passion of his - and something he appeared to enjoy.

John appears to be a very easy going person, but has never seen him slipping his committed deadlines.

John appears to be a determined and enthusiastic person, who is not afraid of new challenges.

In addition, he is great to work with whether person-to-person, department, or across the organization.

He is a very friendly person to work with and personable to interact with.

Factor in his incredible personality and you get the whole package.

Furthermore, he taught him the importance of punctuality, organization, and personal appearance.

A fine person with the personal and professional spirit one loves to have in his own organisation.

Just having him on board appeared to be enough to make the thing go viral.

What's more, he does it in such a way that it almost appears effortless.

John appears to have an always think out of the box approach.

John is also very personable and he brings additional value to the work environment from his personal interests and background.

Beyond all that, he was a great person to work with on a personal level.

His personality is one that lends itself well to cooperation and collaboration.

John is a person for whom the given objectives are important.

John is very creative and enthusiastic person - he's the kind of person that can think “out of the box” easily.

He is very personable, and always willing to help out when he can, including making personal appearances at user group events.

He keeps up with deadlines and is very detail oriented person.