Personal Assistant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Personal Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Personally, he is a wonderful person and is somebody with whom you would like to be in touch forever professionally and personally.

He is doing all of this while adding his personal and professional touch to it and with him always friendly personality.

A very easy to get along person who is always willing to share his ideas - both personal and professional.

He is very personable, down to earth, and is a pleasure to be around- both personally and professionally.

John is an exceptional person who gets the balance of personality and professionalism just right.

He personally provided me with advice that helped me grow not only professionally but personally.

He is helpful and insightful and an overall good person to know professionally and personally.

I have found him to be an energetic personality both at the professional as well as personal level.

I wish him all the best and hope to see him grow professionally and personally as a person.

Apart from professionalism he is an extraordinary helpful person on the personal end.

Along with great professional he is an extremely fantastic personality as a person.

I'm grateful to know him professionally and personally, he is a good person.

John is a unique personality when it comes to motivating individuals or group of persons.

He is an extremely knowledgeable, personable, hardworking and passionate person who would never ask anyone for anything he didn't believe in or wouldn't do himself.

I also appreciated the personal contact with him and his friendly person, what made the work with him very comfortable.

He has a wealth of knowledge that makes him an extremely personable person that just gets along with everyone.

John is the kind of person who all get along with, and is a pleasant personality to work with in any situation.

John is very personable, eloquent, knowledgeable and above all a very trustworthy person to be around.

I personally think that his work ethic is amazing and he is truly a get-it-done type of person.

John's personality and work manner are as unique and inspiring and as his personal style.

He is a very hard working and dedicated person that goes after the ball not the person.

He has a strong personality, responsible for his work, result-oriented person.

He is very down to earth kind of person and is a wonderful person to work with.

He is a genuine, thoughtful person that brings that personality to his work.

I have found him to be an innovative thinker and a person who goes out of his way to assist his clients.

John is a very down to earth person, responsive and will go out of his way to assist in critical matters.

Which makes him a situational person and helps his personality to match up to the various occasions of professional and personal life.

Besides, he is very cooperative person and his assistance always is valuable in every sense of experience.

Him motivation, drive and personality make him a person that you want on your team.

He was always very professional in all that he did, but also very personable.

John is very personable whilst getting his message across and providing direction or assistance where necessary.

He is a person that is dependable, talented, personable, conscientious and likeable.

John also takes a personal interest in each and every person that reports to him.

John is an incredibly personable person who has an "open door" approach to all his staff.

He was the most knowledgeable person about anything and everything and was like an encyclopedia.

I certainly would say he is the most dedicated person you would wish to work with.

John was always, professional, thorough, personable, and very knowledgeable.

John was thoroughly knowledgeable but also very personable and approachable.

John took the time to really understand what sort of person we were looking for and personally made sure we were sent the right people for the job.

John is a genuine person who is always looking for the best way to assist the people with whom he works.

He is always more interested in the person rather than the work which says a lot about the person he is.

John is a very personable person and knowledgeable about the printers and the cartridges available.

Moreover, as a person John is someone with whom you have to work because he is a reliable person.

John is both a very personable and empathetic person to work with as well as highly competent.

He has a vibrant personality, reliable and works well with all types of personalities.

I sincerely appreciate his assistance, and looking forward to more personal and professional collaboration in the future.

He always listens, considers and confirms what it is that you ask of him and will direct you to the appropriate person if he is unable to assist.

He is just a natural at this and he is the nicest and non-judgmental person to whatever task you need assistance in.

His open and personable attitude and willingness to assist others is a great asset.

He is one of those persons whom you can trust on many aspects in professional as well as in personal life.

I personally wish him all the best in his personal and professional life coming in future.

He is trustworthy and is always reliable in times of need for both work and personal assistance.

John assisted me personally with recruitment ideas and was always helpful and approachable.

He's a joy to work with, personable, always willing to assist others, and open to feedback.

He is an excellent go-to person when needing assistance with working through a problem.

He has a very friendly personality, social person and has leadership characteristic.

John is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced person who is very polished in his personal presentation.

His commitment to excellence both at work and in his personal life make me want to be a better person.

He takes personal responsibility to improve the life of each person who take up his workshops.

He is good at what he does, but also he is a person you can talk to about many different things; both professional and personal.