Personal Branding LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Personal Branding Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's personality also makes him one of the most welcome person in all kinds of events.

He is the perfect person to teach personal branding, networking that works and personal style.

John is an extremely positive person and has the confidence and the personality to make things happen.

He's very personable, and it's amazing to watch him adapt to different personalities with grace.

Last but not least, apart from his pleasant personality, he is truly genuine and a kind person.

John's the kind of person who will make it his personal mission, dig in, and make it happen.

He is such a kind-hearted person, who always wants the best for the person around him.

He is very kind and easy-going personality, always having the right personal approach.

John is a values based person and this comes through in his style and personality.

He is the person who attracted me with his openness, frankness and great personality.

On a personal note he was very friendly in nature and has an outgoing personality.

He is very personable and friendly and treated me like a person from the start.

Every personal branding session with him was great and he was always prepared.

Not only is a wonderful person to talk to, his insights and tips have helped me grow my personal brand.

John is the person that you want to work with, either on your brand or in your organization.

John is a must need for those looking to provide clarity about their personal brand.

He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and is often the first person in and the last person to out.

He has a cheerful personality, is very personable and gets the tasks done with ease.

I really enjoyed his personal stories as they bring to light his personality.

He is truly an expert in personal branding and does so in a professional and extremely personable way.

He walks his talk by building his own unique personal brand and his company's brand.

Leading by example, he's challenged me to really consider the significance of my personal brand and inspired me to be more open.

If you are looking for someone who can help launch or relaunch your company and personal brand he is the only right choice.

John is passionate about what he does best - personal branding through the medium of his camera lens.

He understood and has championed the value of the personal brand well before it became a buzzword.

Also, he challenged us to think about summarizing our personal brand in six words or less.

Personable and inspiring, his revolutionary approach to personal branding is unmatched.

John is the most prolific expert on twenty-something personal branding out there today.

John taught us about personal branding and our site now reflects exactly who we are.

With his help my personal brand became clear and my linked in hits increased.

He perfectly combined interactive teaching with personality and fun and taught us not only how to create good brands, but how to create our own personal brand.

John is the person to go to when you want creativity, personality and excellent results.

He takes his work rather personally and treats every brand as a personal obligation to be the best in its own right.

John embraces a passion for communication and branding with him personable and outgoing personality.

All these abilities make him exceptional personality and very few such persons we get to see in our life with such eminence.

He has been a tremendous help with my personal branding needs and he can help you as well.

This is clearly part of his own personal brand and it is refreshing and fun.

John was professional, insightful and gave some excellent feedback on personal presentation and it's effect on my personal brand.

He is one person who can always keep him calm and kindness regardless of the situation and he always sees the positive in every person.

John's personality is second to none; there is nothing too big or too small; this is what makes his personality stand out in the crowd.

Apart from all that, he is obviously also a great and friendly person - always enjoy catching up with him in person.

His friendly demeanor and outgoing personality make him a person that others want to be around and to be alike.

John is the kind of person who strives for personal excellence and does not give up until he gets things right.

For those who know him personally, his friendliness and approachability make him a great person to be around.

He is a very friendly and thoughtful person the kind of person that would help you in any way he could.

He is extremely personable and is the kind of person you're more than willing to go the extra mile for.

He seems to be able to get things done no matter the personality style of the person he is talking to.

I've personally watched him mesmerize audiences and also have been blessed to know him as a person.

John has a very outgoing and friendly personality that makes him a very approachable person.

Above all, he is very friendly, positive and always helpful person with strong personal values.

John is an exceptional person, he is a kind of person who always loves taking on new challenges.

As he describes in his book, he cherishes the value of getting to know a person as a person.

He is a person with a vision, that it's clear to him, and most of all, very friendly person.

His personable and friendly personality wins him friends and admirers wherever he goes.

On the personal level, he has a cheerful personality and always willing to help others.

John is very personable, transparent, and a very humble and amazing person overall.

John is a personable, enthusiastic person with a serious amount of positivity.

Well, personally as a person he is kind, well mannered and approachable anytime.

He is also very friendly, personable and a just a great person to be around.

His understanding and outgoing personality make him a one of a kind person.