Personal Fitness Trainer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Personal Fitness Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

It never occurred to him that a word personal trainer would do the same.

No doubt he would fit in well with the talent and personality he has in any company.

He truly found a good fit for him and his company: right person at the right time.

Moreover, the selection fit his personal vision of the organization's future.

He is great at matching someone up with a position that he thinks will fit that person's personality and set them up for success.

To simply state that he is a great personal trainer is an understatement.

John is great as a trainer and he is a wonderful person to know.

John isn't just a great and precise trainer, but also an inspiring person.

A nice, humble person in nature, a good trainer who knows the need of the persons interacting with and also mix up with them as they know him for long.

He adapts his program to fit your own personal level of fitness and needs.

Him personality is dynamic and he fits in with any environment and with all different types of people.

It was a great fit and he clearly knows how to find the right person for the right job.

He took a personal interest, searched for the right fit and found him that next job.

For him personally, he provided outstanding practical advice and personal attention.

He possesses a positive attitude that together with him fitness knowledge makes him an excellent personal trainer.

John is an excellent trainer and he often presents to our members in person and via webinars.

John's other strength is that he is very personable, honest and positive person and fitted into the team in not time at all.

John's personal approach is very distinctive and he offers are always the best fitting in a professional, as well as in a personal way.

John truly looked out for his best interest and made sure that his personality and the culture of the company were a "fit".

He always tries to do better, he also is an easy going, result-oriented person and easily to fit in any workgroup.

His personality allows him to be very approachable and a perfect fit for the position that he was in.

He goes out of his way to make a newly hired person feel welcome and fit into the culture.

He easily fits in with any group and can inspire even the most difficult personalities.

John's personality fits into any setting and handle chaotic situations with equanimity.

Just as importantly, he is a wonderful person and fits comfortably into any setting.

John's dynamic personality makes him a perfect fit for any profession he so chooses.

He would be a perfect fit to any company looking for a person with his specialties.

John's personality allows him to fit in with all groups ensuring proper teamwork.

No matter skin colour, he can create a look that fits just that person.

His current roles are a natural fit for his strengths and personality.

John's personality and interests were a great fit with ddm's culture.

His personality makes him a good fit for the dual-advocacy role.

He also fits comfortably within the personal dynamics of our organization, which of course is always important.

John always demands your own personal best and gives his best in return.

He also knows how to fit the person and experience level to the opportunity.

His expertise, professionalism, and personality were always the fit we were looking for.

His larger than life personality does not dominate it encourages, something few trainers achieve.

They took the time to get to know him and they matched up his skill set and personality with the position for an excellent fit.

He takes time to get to know the needs and, more importantly, the right personality fit, for the position needed.

He knows how to seek and find the person that best fits each position he is tasked with filling.

Being extremely personable he fits into the role very well and has a lot of 'contacts'.

However, for someone who wants to have a person fit to work for the institution's needy will never say he is over qualified.

Him upbeat, positive personality allows him to work well with anyone and fit in any role.

Him personalization to fit each individual he works with is why it is a success.

He makes a lasting impression and is a very inspirational trainer in personal effectiveness.

Apart from being a top notch trainer, he is also a very witty and friendly person.

His style, content and personality made him a much requested trainer.

He is very intuitive at figuring out what you're trying to accomplish, and tailoring it to fit your personality and goals.

He is able to take concepts and personalize them to fit your needs, always focusing on your goals to make you successful.

That was important because he wanted to put together the best outfit that would look great and fit his personality.

He is a dedicated and an energetic person who knows the best fit for him and his people around.

He ensures the person presented will be a fit before passing the referral.

John is very personable and makes sure everything goes smoothly from start-to-finish.

Integrity is one of his well known and respected personal assets.

John has been of great support to him personally as a trainer.

He is the type of person that engenders immediate trust by his "truthiness" and personal engagement in all that he endeavors.

John has a personality that would fit well with any team and is happy to go out of his way to help his colleagues.

If the person truly is a better fit for another team, he will seek to do what's best for the company.

He's also a great person and he fits in and got along very well with our entire team.

His style and personality proved to be very fitting with his leadership team.