Personal Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Personal Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He is very much a people person and this is one of his skills which he uses to his advantage.
John also was instrumental in his skills regarding the right person for the right job.
John is very personable and has great skills that he shares doing his presentation.
His skills in negotiation are only out shined by his great personality.
His people skills are very good and his personality is pleasing.
John has a dynamic personality and versatile presentation skills.
John has excellent interpersonal skills with all departments.
Enthusiasm and good personable skills are his key attributes.
Him competence, problem-solving skills, personal skills and creativity are unparalleled.
His personality and skills make him well suited for any team.
His personal skills and his positive attitude did help him to overachieve his personal & team targets.
Except of his professional skills and personal loyalty, he seems to be progressive person and oriented to growth.
Him personal skills and him imagination makes him someone who can add tremendous value to the things that you do.
Not only is he very thorough and extremely skilled within his craft, he also has a personality that won't quit.
He knows his craft and he is skilled at connecting the right person with the right position/career path.
He is extremely proficient in everything he does and has a fantastic personality to go with his skills.
If you are looking for a person with leadership skills and follow through, you've found him right here.
He comes with an exceptional inert personal skill and uses it very well to establish the right connect.
John definitely is that type of person, and also possesses the best selling skills of anyone out there.
John's enthusiasm and skills make him the kind of person you want to involve when you need things done.
His skills and ability to adapt to any situation will make him the go to person in any environment.
Along with his skills, his ongoing and friendly personality makes him popular among his colleagues.
When you really get to connect with him, you'll find an incredible person with exceptional skills.
Dedicated, friendly, hilarious, and skilled are just some of the ways to describe his personality.
Not to mention that he is extremely personable and has excellent communication/follow up skills.
John help us hone our skills over the years to become the best person that we can possibly be.
Not only will he amaze you with his skills, but he is also a down to earth and honest person.
Yet, with these skills he is still a compassionate person who will stand up for what is right.
He gets into the regular skills and personal side of what makes the candidate whom they are.
He has very good people skills and never loses sight of what he needs to make things happen.
His upbeat personality, along with his exceptional interpersonal skills are to be admired.
He also has great personal skills which make him an excellent candidate to be your friend.
His skills and outgoing personality will allow him to succeed in any endeavor he chooses.
His passion is inspiring, his personality is infectious, and his skills are immeasurable.
He's very thorough, has great follow up skills, and is personable and fun to be around.
John is a person with one of the most valuable skills nowadays: he knows how to listen.
A calm, friendly, and collaborative personality rounded out his already impressive skills.
His personality and leadership skills make it extremely easy to get things accomplished.
John's skills, background & personality would definitely be an asset to any company.
He usually does things with great passion and skill, besides being a very nice person.
Besides that he is a very charming personality and easily impresses with his skills.
John, personable skills from one-on-one to the masses of a symposium or convention.
Combine that with him keen mind and multiple skills and you have one amazing person.
Him insight, skill, and overall personality make him an extremely valuable addition.
John shows his excitement and personal skills when talking to anyone about anything.
Fantastic personal skills, bags of initiative and he also has great connections.
John, brings enthusiasm and his excellent personal skills to whatever he does.
His vision and multiple skills are not something easy to find in only one person.
This combined with his personal skills places him in his book of recommendations.
John's leadership skills and his dynamic and warm personality are unparalleled.
John is very methodical, self driven person with great interpersonal skills.
It was a great please to him to be guided by such skillful and helpful person.
His inter~ personal skills allow him to connect with everyone at their level.
His excellent personal skills always helped to get over difficult situations.
He uses het great personality and his persuasion skills to get things going.
John's personal skills exceed many others, and he is very easy to talk to.
John possesses all the skills needed to succeed and the personality to boot.
Above all, he has a pleasant personality complemented with unique skills.
His technical skills are outstanding and he is just a fantastic person.
These skills along with a great personality come very naturally to him.
Notwithstanding his advanced mathematical skills, he is also quite personable and easy to get along with.
John is well skilled and self-confident person with quite good experience, although he is still young.
Also has very good personable skills, but he's not just an all rounder - he excels at everything he does.
He also understood the various roles in the organization and how best to leverage each person's skills.
His personality and interpersonal skills made him very successful in our very challenging environment.
He's very personable, diplomatic, and disciplined; all skills which were essential in his position.
John has great organisational and personal skills, which will serve him well in anything he does.
He quickly found him a position that is well-suited not just for his skills but also his personality.
These skills along with him bubbly personality would make him an ideal candidate for any company.
John's person-skills and understanding of any situation he finds himself in making him quite unique.
He has organisation skills that are second to none and he is therefore a great person to know.
He knows exactly how to identify the best skills in a person and bring out the best in him/him.
With his skills and personality, he's been in high demand ever since he started in our group.
We were so impressed with his skills and personable manner that we hired him on as an employee.
Him outstanding skills and personality are well recognized and respected among our colleagues.
In addition to being the knows all person, he shined because he had superior emulation skills.
With this combination of skills and personal attributes he obviously comes highly recommended.
His ability to think out-of-box and excellent interpersonal skill makes him the go-to person.
What makes this trait even better is that he has a wonderful personality to match his skills.
His skill set and personality are going to help elevate any company to be the best it can be.
Anywhere that he takes him excellent skills and pleasant personality, will be well rewarded.
As for personal skills, he is one the most dependable and trustworthy friend you could have.
Nadjah is ambitious person who keeps moving ahead with his skills and experimental attitude.
He exhibits the best skills and has the presence and personality to maximize his influence.
His skills and experience are underpinned by him can do attitude and sparkling personality.
Above all - he has personal skills that embrace teamwork, collaboration, and partnerships.
His compassion and personal skills have helped many companies get back on the right track.
He has outstanding personal and organizational skills and is very diligent and committed.
John's personality and his skill set made our efforts not only worthwhile, but enjoyable.
The most striking thing is his personality, humbleness and extraordinary orating skills.
Because of this and his personal skills, all issues are solved efficiently and on time.
He knows how to hire the right balance of personality and skill, experience and upside.
He's enthusiastic, passionate, has fantastic leadership skills and is very personable.
But what's rare is his combination of leadership, organizational, and personal skills.
He has excellent personal skills, and made him feel welcome in his position immediately.
He brought the skills and personality that were most desperately needed at that time.
Dhirender has excellent skill to understand the person and assign him the best role.
John combines the perfect amount of skill and personality into all of his endeavors.
Clients love his outgoing personality and his follow through skills are incredible.
He's skilled in his profession, has a great personality, and someone you can trust.
He can easily break down his skills and explain it to even the most amateur person.
Shuja is a person who always used a different set of skills for completing his task.
John's personality coupled with his exceptional skills truly made his life easier.
Hardworking, personal and always looking to improve his skills on a daily basis.
He dealt with many different personality types and handled each with great skill.
His personal skills and achievements are broadly recognized as being outstanding.
Professionalism, personal charm and interpersonal skills are his greatest assets.
He also helped him substantially in his own personal growth and leadership skills.
His experience with him is that he is a dedicated, skilled and committed person.
He's a hardworking person, very enthusiastic and also have great leadership skill.
John's ability to put deals together is only surpassed by his personal skills.
Additionally, he is an intelligent, skillful, friendly, and a very helpful person
His leadership skills are leveraged by his transparent and friendly personality.
Please do not hesitate to contact him as he is a skilled and responsible person.
He's good at it, because of powerful personal skills and years of experience.
His attitude, along with his skill and expertise make him a real go-to person.
In his experience, it's quite unusual to find that mix of skills in one person.
The role not only matches his skills, it matched his personality, and lifestyle.
Him excellent socialising skills can be attributed to his amiable personality.
If he is around, you cannot feel alone as he posses good interpersonal skill.
John's strengths are his organisational skills and his warm personal style.
He's a wonderful person, always willing to push himself and grow his skills.
Furthermore, he awesome interpersonal skills make him a very likable person.
With him persistent closing skills and warm personality, he can't be stopped.
Besides that he has a highly liked character with excellent personal skills.
He also has the tremendous skill to balance workload with his personal life.
He would bring well rounded personality and skill set to any organization.
His candidates are a match of skill and personality within an organization.
What makes him special is his pleasant demeanor and inter-personal skills.
His leadership skills have had a personal impact on him and on many others.
John is personable, reliable and skilled, he is also as sharp as a tack.
His cool personality and skills to handle the pressure really appreciable.
John is a terrific positive person that is also very skilled with words.
John is an amiable and balanced person with very good team working skills.
He's a gifted person with the skills we all aspire to whatever our profession.
His broad range of skills makes him a go-to person for just about anything.
He not only helped you continually grow your skills but also as a person.
He has, as well, soft skills that you do not find easily within a person.
He combines his various skills with a likable and dependable personality.
His personality, professionalism, and overall skills are most impressive.
He achieves excellent results through his personable skills and tenacity.
John is a very open and forward person with excellent masseuse skills.
He is personable, diplomatic and applies excellent organizational skills.
John is smart and skilled, but more importantly, he is a gifted person.
He moved all of us, and increased the skill level of every person there.
John possesses high inter-personal skills and is always willing to help.
John's unique combination of skills is the rarest to find in one person.
His personality, skills, and passion would make him a terrific addition.
John has outstanding analytical skills and he is a really good person.
The John company would be lucky to have a person with such vision and skill.