Personality LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Personality Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John made recommendations for each personality type what would be the most successful way to deal with these personalities.
His personality really comes through and you know exactly the type of person you are dealing with when you talk to him.
John has a wonderful personality and would look after everyone he comes across with love and personal attention.
His positive can do personally is contagious to even the most difficult of personalities and obstacles.
John helped him personally by understanding how to get the best out of a difficult person.
Him personality goes beyond the screen as he is equally dynamic off-camera in person.
John's personality is infectious, making him an excellent person to be around.
Tough exterior, soft inside - as a person he is one of the most balanced person.
Most importantly, is his great personality and a very responsible person.
Beside that, he's also an easy deal with a person with great personality.
And he's also a very personable and pleasant person to deal with.
If you want to get things done, he is the person to go to for results.
He is very personable and is well-liked by all of his colleagues.
He got along with all of his colleagues and is very personable.
It seems like he has seen them all and has the ability to adapt his personal interactions to match different personalities.
He's the kind of person who always adds value- the person you'd want to have with you in a meeting.
His personality shines through in every interaction he has, and he is an extremely likeable person.
That, plus his engaging personality makes him the kind of person that anyone would hope to emulate.
He has an endearing and sincere personality that resonates with every person he meets.
Add to that his easy going nature and you have a very personable and reliable person.
He's personable, self-motivated, highly efficient-and an overall nice person.
Also, when there is anything happens officially or personally, he is always the first person to react and provide advice.
John's warm personality comes across easily, whether on calls or in person.
He's someone to reach out to because he's guaranteed to know who or how to solve a problem, and if he doesn't personally - then he often knows the next-best person.
Learning each persons personality and abilities, he gives individuals the opportunity to expand their own potentials.
Through his leadership he offers to make personal connections that would be mutually beneficial to each person.
Him highly personable character with an honest intention to bring the best out of his own personality.
A person with unwavering determination, he is the 'go to' person if you want the right things done.
It would be difficult for a person with his personality to compliment someone more highly than that.
He has a warm personality that makes you feel like you are the only person he is dealing with.
In addition to personally having great results, he is personable, approachable and an expert.
His personable approach to problem solving has been refreshing and inspiring to him personally.
If you are looking for a person who really respect you, smart, funny, and fun he is the person.
He very well understands one's personality and helps the person groom and bulge an inch.
On a personal level, he is awesome - friendly, personable, and well-respected.
A soft hearted person and to some who know him a very sensitive person too.
As a person he is very committed, which makes him a person you can count on.
A friendly, personable personality, he is always a pleasure to deal with.
Him spunky and personable personality is a breath of fresh air.
After your first conversation with him, you'll know you've reached out to the right person.
He is very personable and he is always willing to help someone out with a problem.
John always knows just the right person or company who can be of help if needed.
He's very personable and easy to get along with in and outside of the workplace.
John has an amiable personality, and he got along well with him colleagues.
He knows how to deal with the persons which make him different from others.
John goes deep on so many things it is hard to believe he is one person.
And last but not least, he is one of the most cheerful person in the company.
Having had back problems himself, he is also empathetic and personable.
And if that isn't enough, he's punctual, passionate and very personable.
John is the person you want to be around when you are having a problem.
He is consistent, personable & goes above & beyond in all that he does.
Also, he is an assertive person that knows what he wants to achieve.
He is the person we go to with some of the most difficult assignments.
He has truly been an inspiration to our company and to him personally.
John's contribution goes well beyond his personal responsibilities.
John is the person that will never stop until he gets things finished.
John taught him to have patience and not to take things too personally.
A very meticulous person who goes out of the way to help his colleagues.
When the pressure's on, he's the person you'll want around to deliver.
He has always been very professional, yet personable in his dealings.