Pharmaceutical Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Pharmaceutical Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

It seems that he knows everybody in the telecommunications industry.

But don't take his word for it, ask virtually anyone in the industry.

Coming from the industry, he knows how to place the right people.

Unlike many in his industry, he doesn't try to sell you people.

Let him go further and say that they have changed his perception of their industry.

John has been an asset both to our industry and to his company.

His sourcing capabilities are among the best in the industry.

He went out of his way to use examples and language of our industry.

He knows the industry and obviously practices what he preaches.

He is engaging and committed to his company and our industry.

Overall, he integrates really well with organisations and industries.

Not being from the same industry was an advantage because the writing was in a language that those outside his industry would understand.

He knows this industry very well, being very creative and outgoing.

Him creativity and imagination will take him far in this industry.

His knowledge of the industry and people is well known and respected.

In this industry he is one of those few people whose opinion matters.

John genuinely believes the in cooperation within the industry.

His enthusiasm for him job and the industry is second to none.

He knows this industry better than most & people respect him.

We need people like him in our industry that you can rely on.

Believe him, this isn't always the case in the meetings industry.

John is one of the best industrial brokers in our marketplace.

He thoroughly understands the industry and where it's headed.

Its people like him, which make this industry still function.

John's success thus far indicates that he is on his way to becoming one of our industry leaders.

He seems to always know the latest news and happenings going on throughout the industry.

In an industry that is ever changing and evolving, he is always ahead of the curve.

He knows the industry and has an impeccable sense of judgment and self awareness.

In an industry that's zooming past with change, he was always available to talk.

John will help you be the leader of your tribe regardless of your industry.

The only thing that has changed is the industry that he has applied himself to.

John provided both intellect and insight into our forever changing industry.

He dedicates himself to the industry, he is serving with complete leadership.

John understood various industries, their needs and, their changing trends.

What can you say other then he is one of our industry's top leaders.

He understands the industry of telecommunications comprehensively.

His leadership style and commitment to the industry is unwavering.

John is certainly on his way to being a leader in our industry.

We were very new to the industry and he had a wealth of experience, having been involved in the industry for a few of years.

John is analytic in thought and charismatic about the industry.

A true go-getter, he is bar none one of the best industry veterans in the news wire industry.

He understands the industry very well and brings a lot of fresh thinking to the industry.

New to the pharmaceutical industry, he proved able to grasp the new concepts and terminology very quickly.

During his presentation, he provided statistics regarding some of the industries of the participants.

He does extremely well with people and knows his industry like the back of his hand.

Employers and employees in the industry would make reservations on his name, alone.