Planning Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Planning Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John worked hard on the plan, using his planning skills and dedication to the job.

One of his great skills is the adaptability and flexibility he has in planning out things.

John evaluated his skills and resume, told him what his plan was, and then went right to it.

Because of his expert planning skills, everything fell nicely into place.

He has great technical skills and is highly organised and planned.

His leadership style, foresight and planning skills are unmatched.

His planning skills are very thorough and he likes to keep an eye on the details.

John is incredibly skilled at planning and attention to detail.

It was as though it was his own company and he had everything to lose the way he used so much skill and effort in the planning (bilingual).

His planning skills are excellent and he does his homework with every task he is assigned.

His excellent planning skills could make the very complex tasks look simple.

His planning skills are impeccable and conflict resolution outstanding.

John excels in the highly coveted skills of planning and organizing.

He has good planning skills and a strong drive and determination.

His attention to detail, him planning skills, organisation and most importantly, motivational skills are never beaten.

He has awesome event planning skills - he can always count on him for a great recommendation of him and his skills.

John delivers these results through his positive attitude, influencing skills and great planning & organising skills.

His leadership skills allow him to bring diverse points of view and skills together that help deliver a thoughtful plan.

His great planning and soft skills are the key to his success.

His analytical and logic skills are very impressive and it's always amazing how he uses these skills to derive the optimal action plan.

John's campaign planning and implementation skills are second to none.

His organisational skills are second to none and you can be guaranteed he has a contingency plan for any occasion.

Also obvious to him are him incredible planning skills -he knows what's happening years from now.

His dedication, planning skills and leadership hugely contributed to their success.

As he sees the big picture and knows the trends, he has great planning skills.

Him planning abilities also reflect his deep thinking skills.

He proved his proactivity, good planning skills, openness and good communication skills.

Him space planning skills and attention to detail were invaluable.

His enthusiasm is addictive, him planning skills are impressive and him organization is amazing.

Unfortunately, he had to leave us earlier than planned; we will miss his dedication, skills and knowledge.

He is skilled and knowledgeable, adapting to any scenario as if he planned it that way.

John brings with him excellent planning skills and he is very meticulous in his work.

Him strategic planning skills and the ability to think out of the box are second to none.

John's skills in strategic planning is largely appreciated in our workplace.

John organization would be fortunate to benefit from his planning and leadership skills.

During this time, he demonstrated strong skills in organizing and planning.

Everything he does is well planned and thought about beforehand.

For the usability planning he just makes the right questions.

Him organizational and leadership skills to get the steering committee going and do much of the planning himself was phenomenal.

Not only that, he made a wonderful match between his skills and future plans and his employer.

His organizational and planning skills resulted in successful and rewarding conferences.

His planning skills are very good and he also has a good understanding of people.

He also has enhanced is facilitation skills in running the club and planning meetings.

John really stands out due to his excellent planning and implementation skills, not to mention his superb people skills.

John displayed remarkable planning, organizational skills, and selling skills to name a few of his stellar talents.

His excellence in coding is only matched by his thorough planning and analytical skills.

His listening skills are so valuable and he is really able to brainstorm to come up with the perfect plan of action.

He also has skill at creating a vision for opportunities and outlining plans to take opportunities to strengths.

He possesses excellent planning skills and his readiness to take challenges differentiate him from others.

Aided by a clear and quick intellect, his planning and prioritizing skills are impressive.

His skills of planning, long foresight, and a go-getter has achieved results.

Oli's insights and calm manner compliment his strategy and planning skills.

He would always make time to listen to him and set up plans to help him improve his skills.

John is a strategic thinker and he provides both planning and tactical skills.

He is an expert in business planning, strategy, analytic skills.

He demonstrated great skills of leadership, planning and implementation.

Of course, this was due to his diligence and thoughtful planning.

John also has superior planning skills, and has a broad background of experience.

His skills include master planning and the visitor experience.

What is more, him organization skills and the ability to make things go according to plan shows how well composed and self confident he is.