Pm Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Pm Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His skills and experience to take mediocre projects and transform them into award-winning projects is truly remarkable.

John's strong project management skills, attention to details, and positive spirit were all major contributors to the success of these projects.

John's skills at project management as well as people management continually impress not just him, but all those that work with him.

His leadership and project management skills have been key to the success of multiple greenfield projects that we have worked on together.

His leadership ability, project management expertise and people skills make him an often-requested resource on projects.

His project management skills got our integration project on the right track that led to a successful delivery.

His team building skills and management skills made him a valuable manager.

Additionally, his project management skills are great and he keeps his teams focused and on track.

He has exceptional leadership skills which he proved when managing projects and teams.

This, and his great project management skills make him an asset to any team.

Him team management was highly impressive, while him project management skills proved themselves to be first rate and always invaluable.

John's skills in project management, negotiation, and team management were successfully displayed during all activities.

His ability to manage his team well, along with his excellent interpersonal skills makes him a very good project manager.

John also displayed very good analytical skills and task management skills.

With his communication skills and project management experience, he has been able to drive an ongoing project to success.

His professional project management skills helped us complete few tough projects and won the business/customer's respect.

John is an outstanding project and program manager, and always does first-class work on the projects he manages.

His attention to detail is at the foundation of his project management success, however it is him people management that makes him projects successful.

His project management skills are unparalleled in the industry.

John's clear project management skills ensured all stakeholders were managed effectively, leading to successful project delivery.

John always focuses on the customer needs by using his leadership and project management skills to successfully implement all projects.

He has got strong project management skills which he has practiced to achieve customer delight on many of his projects.

Here leadership skills and his ability to multi task and project manage are exquisite.

He used both of these skills to great effect in managing a time-study project.

He also has good project management skill and he can manage and juggle between multiple tasks with competing priorities effectively.

John's strong project management skills along with his people skills make him a great asset to any organization he joins.

John showed outstanding project management skills by delivering this project well within the time, budget and deliverable constraints set.

His seasoned time and project management skills make a huge difference to ensuring projects keep on track with minimised headaches.

John demonstrates leadership and great analytical skills when it comes to project management.

Business loves him because his customer and project management skills are impeccable.

He project managed the transition with with great care and skill.

John has the unique skill to manage well, up, down and across organizations.

His organization and management skills are truly extraordinary.

John possesses excellent project management skills and lead a team of other project managers in a way that allows them to grow.

His skills at managing cross-departmental initiatives are extremely successful, and matched by him people-management skills.

Johns ability to have many projects on the go and not let any down is a testament to his organisation skill.

John's overall skills allow him to be successful in delivering projects of all sizes and complexities.

Working with him has been a pleasure and his skills were very useful to successfully complete the project.

John understands the value of collaboration and uses his interpersonal skills to keep projects on track.

He combines these skills with his persistence and follow up that gives him credibility in his projects.

He used his troubleshooting skills on more than one occasion to help us figure out bugs in the project.

He has been involved in many projects where he took initiative and showed some excellent skills.

Because he has the rare skill of underpromissing and overdelivering on whatever project he starts.

This project could not have been completed successfully without him a unique combination of skills.

He uses these skills to ensure the best possible outcome for every project he gets involved in.

John's leadership skills are really spot on when it comes to projects with tight timelines.

His skills of adaptability and understanding the project requirements are really remarkable.

He's passionate to get the best out of any project and does so with a great set of skills.

This gave him an opportunity to use his skills to contribute to the success of this project.

Highly skilled, highly recommended - if you get the opportunity, put him on your project.

John possesses diverse skills and is committed to see all projects through to the end.

His skills are very valuable for delivering projects in new and challenging environments.

This was a very valuable skill in the research/consulting project that he did with him.

He doesn't hesitate to take on projects of all types and quickly picks up new skills.

These skills provided project stakeholders with confidence in his ability to deliver.

Him commitment, skills and ownership for projects he undertakes is truly noteworthy.

His skill and expertise were crucial to the successful completion of these projects.

His skills and the desire to do what is right makes the project a success every time.

The skills and perspective that he brings to any project has always been an asset.

His skills always make the positive difference in the projects he participates in.