Pr Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Pr Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He's an asset to any company and will continue to be an immovable force in the public relations industry.
He knows everyone in the industry, both on the media and public relations side - his contacts are second to none.
During that time he encountered several challenges such as industrial relations.
John knows the public relations industry well and has provided good input and value to our account.
He understands both the public and private sides of our industry.
John has been of great help to him and his team in all matters related to industrial relations and union matters.
John is very relational, and it's apparent that he's well liked, well connected, and highly regarded in this industry.
His public relations experience is extremely valuable across a wide range of industries.
John comes from the industry and he can relate and understand what we are going through on a daily basis.
Respects his profession and improves himself on many industry related topics.
There is virtually nothing related to the staffing industry that he has not experienced.
Very impressed with the results to date - appeared/about to appear in some very reputable publications within his industry.
He brings new ideas to the company regularly and is always up to date when it comes to industry publications.
He remains abreast of changes within the industry and has a unique way of conveying these to the public.
He knew what the industry and the public needed and was able to fill the needs of everyone fairly.
He would be a fantastic contributor to any respectable industry publication and beyond.
John understands media and public relations, no matter the industry or the issue at hand.
John's expertise in the investor relations space, in particular, in the beer industry is unrivaled.
John listens, understands, and there is not a circumstance, or industry that he can't relate to.
His enthusiasm, techniques and ability to relate to our industry with him tips was uncanny.
If he ever gives up medicine, he can have a career in public relations.
He also has a deep knowledge of the outsourcing industry and does what it takes to keep himself current with industry related expertise.
His public relations background came to be very useful in the fundraising projects/events he was given.
His ability to relate his studies directly to our industry with specific examples was most impressive.
The options were creative and very different from the other publications in the industry, and he clearly knew what he was doing.
John knows the difference between public relations and marketing.
His involvement in the publications industry, telecommunications sector, and defense industry is a testament to his diverse knowledge base.
With his help we have realised great steps in the improvement of our industrial relations.
Concepts he taught him in class have become his reality in his public relations career.
He regularly helped out with publicity for an industry charity event.
What's even more valuable is that he brings these insights from various industries in the public and private sectors.
John's expertise in public relations and him drive and energy is unsurpassed.
He would be an asset to any newsroom or public relations team.
His ability to relate to the audience (and make them crack-up) despite being in different industries is amazing.
He fully understands the geospatial space and can relate that easily to multiple industries.
Thus his writing shows that enthusiasm and is great copy for public relations.
His passion and understanding of public relations was infectious and he was always thinking outside of the box.
In fact, he was the go-to-guy related to plastic packaging for just about any industry.
He goes above and beyond to deliver public relations outreach that returns guaranteed hits.
John displays an incredibly strong command of the public relations industry, while maintaining an impressive and effective writing style.
His ability to relate to the participants is due to having years of experience in various industries.
He's spoken at various staffing related conferences and is considered an industry expert.
Definitely worth starting here for projects related to his industry.
He and his team contributed in making the publications, some of the best in the industry to this day.
He thrives on media and public relations as a thought leader in our industry.
John tailored his talk to be specific to our industry, which made him advice practical and relatable.
John has incredible vision and insight as it relates to the industries and clients he serves.
He's an expert in government relations and public affairs as well.
He knows the industry like few others and is a pleasure to work with, from proposal to publication.
Him the ability to relate the relevant course material to examples in the industry is second to none.
These talents have catapulted him to a new level of public relations.
John combines imagination with true practical public relations magic.
In one class, he focused on public relations in the digital era.
He inspired him to do some of his best work for the publication.
His continued contribution to the public relations, marketing, and the internet industry is quite amazing.
He really excels at public relations, and is a pleasure to work with.
John also very adeptly brought in thought leadership expressed in blogs, industry articles and publications.
He often went above and beyond to share and report on industry related news.
His advice and opinion in the area of public relations are worth utilizing.
His knack for public relations is innate, and his dedication to his team is absolute.