Pr Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Pr Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's public relations' skills are professional, on the cutting edge, and effective.

John possesses strong public relation skills and has great ability to remain organized.

He provided tremendous value through his extensive media contacts and public relations skills.

John provides superior public relations, media pitching and writing/editing skills.

He has an exceptional set of skills which he uses when he facilitates the course on public speaking and presentation skills.

He sees things through with an impressive skill in public speaking.

John is positive and he has exceptional public speaking skills.

Johnkantham stands out with his humorous public speaking skill.

His public speaking skills are fabulous and very entertaining.

John public speaking skill is one of his greatest attributes.

It should also be noted that he drives comes from his passion in public relations.

His ability to connect people, inspire the audience and public relation skills are amazing.

His skills in sales and public relations are very efficient and effective.

He has commendable people skills as he is forthcoming and relatable.

His skill in relating to people in the workplace is exceptional.

He not only has exceptional interpersonal skills, he is also an amazing public speaker.

Last, but not least, he's a very skilled tactician on every single publicity issue.

It was him skills and insights that helped create this first class publication.

In addition to these skills he is a phenomenal public speaker.

Since then, other publications have benefited enormously from his skill-set.

Thanks to interpersonal skills he has great relations with everyone he is involved with.

Because of his skills & interpersonal relations, the company grew substantially.

He relates well to candidates across a broad spectrum of skills.

Also, because of his organizing, teaching, and public relations skills, he is able to offer much to any endeavor he chooses.

John knows the marketing/development, public relations, and non-profit worlds inside and out.

His exceptional listening skills enable discerning and accurate advice in relation to writing skills.

If you're interested in public relations and all its related fields, you should certainly consider him for the work.

John's talents cover a wide range of skills, including public relations.

Him presentation and public speaking skills are also appreciable.

He is organized, thorough in his approach towards his work, and is always on time and of course he has excellent public relations skills.

Never one meeting a stranger, his relational skills are to be admired.

John is an outstanding public speaker and he seems to have speaking skills that come naturally.

John's public speaking skills are second to none and he can sell ice to an Eskimo.

His presentation skills are outstanding and he is an excellent public speaker.

Through his various workshops, he helped him refine his public speaking skills.

And to top it off, his public speaking skills are something to be envious of.

His commitment to sharing his public speaking skills is infectious.

Over the years he has built skills in many different areas of marketing and public relations.

He knows well his job and besides his technical skills has strong public relations capacity.

Knowledge, skills and abilities were never an issue and his people relate well in any environment.

John's greatest skill of all is the ability to connect and relate to people.

His strong leadership and people skills allow him to relate to everyone.

John has exceptional people skills and relates well at all levels.

His people relation skills and sense of humour is immaculate.

He is a good public speaker too, and his organisational skill is commendable.

When it comes to public relations of any kind, he is our go to person.

His talent in public relations was much appreciated as was his skill in educating others through his stories.

John showed very good skills in our company and related issues, good analytical and troubleshooting skills.

He very skilled at involving everyone in the group and relating to each strength, even if it wasn't one of his own.

He taught us public speaking skills and motivated us when things got rough.

John's views on how to handle different scenarios in public relations are always helpful and inspiring.

It was an enormous undertaking in addition to his other responsibilities, including public relations.

He really understands college public relations and how to deal with the challenges we face.

As someone who deals with the public, he is able to relate well with a diverse population.

It has been exciting to see how he has risen to prominence as a public relations expert.

His manner is easy-going and his public relations expertise is impressively thorough.

Finally, he has great analytical skills and is able to relate and get along with almost anyone he encounters.

John for any position that requires a detail oriented individual who has excellent public relations skills.

His writing and editing skills are superb and would naturally be beneficial to all publications.

John's strongest attribute is his special skills in dealing with the public.