Practice Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Practice Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He believes in practicing the basic and preaching what he practices.

What you might not know is he really does 'practice what he preaches'.

I look forward to following through with him practical suggestions.

I cannot tell you how much he has meant to me and my practice.

He included many practical examples of good and bad practice.

John is very committed and very practical for anything he has in mind.

Norm practices what he preaches and is always there to help if needed.

One of the very few who will remember and practice what he has learnt.

John is second to none when it comes putting ideas into practice.

More than once, he saved us from ourselves with his practical advice.

He will take any concept and break it down to make it more practical.

Talking with him, you see quickly that he practices what he preaches.

He is pragmatic, practical, and can also think way outside the box.

His concepts have not only been practical but also very out the box.

He is always striving to do things better, to adopt best practices.

I would not only recommend him practice - but also, him expertise.

I always found him to be practical and insightful in what he did.

John is an all-around player, doing practically everything needed.

Sometimes, he himself is helping to define those best practices.

He is extremely practical and he gets along well with everyone.

He is practical, helpful, and never gives up with difficulties.

I look forward to putting him suggestions to use in my practice.

He's conceptual yet practical and gets things done efficiently.

John is all about being straight forward, logical and practical.

He follows up very well, and his advice is pithy and practical.

John has proven in practice that what he says is what he does.

All that he does is very practical and immediately effective.

John is an optimist, but is also well grounded in practicality.

Not only does he believe that, he lives and practices it every day.

He's spot on with everything he does and definitely practices what he preaches.

He really knows how to take the principles and successfully apply them in practice.

But he is also practical and pragmatic in his suggestions and recommendations.

John's tips are not just inspirational but also very practical and refreshing.

He has a practical view of things and do not believe in too much subjectivity.

I wish him the very best of wishes to make a difference through his practice.

He does so predominantly through practicing and feedback which really sticks.

He is practical, grounded and can be relied on to take things to closure.

And last but not the least, he is practical and grounded in his advice to me.

As well as inspiring the audience he also provided some very practical tips.

Every suggestion he makes to him audiences, he actually practices himself.

He provided me with practical tips and tricks which cannot be found easily.

John explained everything really clearly and offered practical suggestions.

He is driven, smart, practical and above all he looks at the whole picture.

He has practically every type of certification available to his profession.

He does this with just the right balance of theory and practical examples.

Absorb what he says and then put it into practice - it's as simple as that.

He also is pragmatic and practical when it comes to 'getting things done'.

His conclusions are always accurate and his recommendations are practical.

His views are very practical and situational which makes it very relevant.

The insights and advice he provides is both practical and forward looking.

I found it practical and relevant and would recommend him whole-heartedly.

I found him easy to understand and very practicable with his suggestions.

John had some great tips, which were both practical and inspirational.

What impressed me most is his practical approach in getting things done.

John is passionate about understanding best practice in the workplace.

Concise, witty and always willing to put into practice what he preaches.

His ability to think practically makes him stand different from others.

It goes without saying that he is highly practical and result oriented.

John's ideas are practical, fresh, and something everyone should try.

His vision of this practice was right on track and very comprehensive.