Presentation Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Presentation Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He had an outstanding grasp of the topics that he was present and his presentation skills were excellent.

John is a skilled presenter who knows him topics and how to present them in an interesting way.

The Johns presentation workshop has boosted my presentation skills and confidence exponentially.

John's presentation skills and communication skills are truly amazing to say the least.

Him presentation skills set him apart from everyone within the organization.

I've witnessed his skill to organize presentations and present without a hitch.

His imagination and improvisational skills in ideation sessions are matched by his confident presentation skills.

I highly recommend him if you are looking to up-skill your staff or enhance your own presentation skills.

John was the first one who took an interest in my presenting skills and guided me to the improvement of my stage skills.

John's knowledge on presentation skills has made an enormous difference to my presenting.

He makes you think and recognize your skills and accomplishments and how you are presented in the marketplace.

John's presentation skills really make the significant difference for this particular topic.

John's presentation skills are among the best and he delivers with confidence and charisma.

John is brilliant at getting his ideas across and his presentation skills are exceptional.

His mastery of both conversations and presentations made me want to enhance my own skills.

Customers were very impressed with his presentations skills and abilities to get answers.

His presentation skills are outstanding and it doesn't feel like he is trying to sell.

John has recently provided a number of sessions for us around presentation skills.

I've never met anyone who impressed me more with his mastery of presentation skills.

John's refined presentation and closing proficiencies are only two of many skills.

He has strong presentation skills - both interpersonal, as well as interpersonal.

He also took me under his wing and helped me to polish my own presentation skills.

Incredibly enthusiastic and encapsulates his audience with him presenting skills.

His poise and presentation skills are unrivaled, while always going for the close.

He is presentable, well spoken and possesses excellent follows through skills.

I also admire his presentation skills and willingness to think outside the box.

He knows his domain and has such presentational skills that'll blow your mind.

He has been especially helpful in critiquing my pitch and presentation skills.

He possesses good presentation skills and is willing to help whenever needed.

I recommend him to anyone interested in upgrading their presentation skills.

His people skills internally are equally outstanding as are his presentation skills.

I was delighted to discover that his documentation and presentation skills were thorough and well presented.

John impressed me with his excellent soft skills, very organized and punctual, his presentation skills are beyond expectations.

John has excellent interpersonal skills, as well as presentation skills in front of audiences.

John is an excellent presenter one which prepares his presentation for the audience to whom he is presenting.

His presentation skills, methodology has made our students more precise and effective with their presentations.

His presentation skills are exemplary and him presentations leave his audiences only wanting more.

John has excellent presentation skills, either presenting one on one or in a group atmosphere.

John has good presentation skills and can compellingly present a point of view.

His presentation skills and articulation related to presentation is excellent.

John's communication skills are also superb, only matched by his exceptional presentation skills.

He is one of those rare presenters whose content matches his presentation skills.

His presentation skills are second to none and he is sure to keep an audience engaged regardless of the topic.

I was particularly impressed with his writing and presentation skills, which were both exceptional.

Add that to his presentation and writing skills and anyone would be lucky to have him on board.

His presentation skills are first class, he definitely knows how to engage his audience.

I later observed how he presented these, and appreciated his engagement skills.

He has many talents and one of those are him skills in presenting on camera.

John demonstrated graduate level skills with respect to leadership and presentation skills.

He has wonderful people skills and a very mature manner and presentation skills to follow.

John has superior verbal communication skills and he is a very skilled presenter that present with great enthusiasm.

John is very thorough in his presentations and he also makes sure that the audience is involved in every presentation.

John summarized my presentation as well as the other speakers in his presentation.

I have used his skills with graphics to help me make my presentations more impactful.

His knowledge, skill and the way that he presents what he knows are praiseworthy.

Leading the way, he has inspired others to improve their presentation skills.

John's presentations and presentation skills are solid and highly professional.

John trust in his expertise grew to include other areas such as presentation skills and influencing skills.

His story, his motivation and most importantly, his presentation skills are flawless, they keep you captivated throughout the whole presentation.

John is always switched on, has great financial skills, presentation skills and any superior can rely on his deliverability of the results.