Pressure LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Pressure Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Also last but not the least he can keep his cool at pressure.
One very good thing about him was that he was always cool and never one could see that he was under pressure.
We have never felt pressured under his leadership, though there have been pressures on him from the top.
He never pressured us to get into anything that we didn't like and had our best interest in mind.
Nothing was too much to ask, and despite the immense pressure, he took it all in his stride.
He will not let the pressure get to him and he keeps everyone abreast of every situation.
Everyday pressures don't phase him - or if they do, he certainly doesn't let anyone know.
Calm under pressure and always available to help, even if he is severely under the pump.
Capable of giving the best of himself under pressure, he still keeps his cheerfulness.
John can do both, and he can do them under pressure and always with good humour.
Working with him is always a pleasure and he will not let you feel the pressure.
Yet he always kept the pressure on for everyone to deliver their very best.
He never pressured him in any way and was happy to let him go at his own pace.
No wonder, his judgement was mostly spot on even under such pressure.
John under pressure, for sure, because things will go wrong on site.
It was great to be under him as pressure never used to get on to us.
He is unflappable and always comes through when the pressure is on.
His ability to be at his best even under pressure is unbelievable.
It goes without saying he's cool under pressure and gets results.
The more pressure he is under, the better and faster his results.
He does well under pressure, and his output is always excellent.
He can handle pressure and doesn't let it get the best of him.
Like everyone, he feels pressure, but he's always even keeled.
He has always shared his advice clearly, but without pressure.